Essentials for Travel with Kids – Christmas Edition

Even at the best of times, travelling with kids can often get overwhelming. It’s all fine once you get to your destination, but all the crankiness, the impatience, the packing disasters and tantrums thrown over not being able to pack a suitcase full of toys are understandably a little exhausting to a parent. And then your own stress comes into play and you fret about luggage, documents, spare diapers for the baby, not enough room in the trunk of the car, and keeping everyone fed, hydrated, and amused during the trip. And then it gets worse because it’s Christmas! Ah, the mess. Honestly, the mess is really fun and you’re going to love it, but it’s still good to be prepared. To help you out, we’d like to offer a few tips and suggestions that will ease the travel anxiety and make sure you enjoy your trip with as little fuss as possible.

Layer up

Layering is your trick to Christmas travel because it can significantly reduce the amount of space you need. Rather than packing huge, bulky coats and jackets, it’s much better to pack layers in form of sweaters, hoodies, shirts, and undershirts because this offers you more versatility and more warmth. Make sure that you all wear those bulky jackets on yourself while you travel, because one winter coat can easily take up half of your suitcase. The same goes for chunky winter boots. In general, try to wear things that take up the most space on yourself and pack the rest.

Bring your children’s sleep toys

Especially if you travel with a baby. Bring the thing they associate with getting rest and then it will be easier for them to doze off during the trip.

Electronics and chargers

If you have a tablet or a laptop, stuff it with films, cartoons, and games that your children like to play and make sure it’s fully charged. It’s an easy way to keep them amused during the trip, but bear in mind that it might continue to distract them once you’ve reached your destination.

Sunscreen is essential

Yes, it’s winter, but everyone still needs sunscreen. Children are extremely sensitive to sun damage, and we’re all at risk even when the sky is overcast. It gets worse when you’re driving and have the sun constantly bearing down on you and increasing the exposure to UVA/UVB rays. There are some concerns about commercial sunscreen containing potentially harmful ingredients, so the best option is to pick a quality non toxic sunscreen that is made in a more eco-friendly manner and keeps your skin safe.

What to have at hand

Water bottles, snacks, wet wipes, and hankies you want to have in a bag close to you, and if you’re travelling with a baby you’ll need all that, plus a changing pad, diapers, diaper disposal bags, rash cream, and a change of clothes.

Which medicine to pack

We suggest a painkiller like Tylenol in case the adults get a headache, but also stomach medicine, nose drops, allergy meds, and any prescription doses that the family members are taking.

Board games are a load of fun

Board games are such a great way to amuse kids, but it’s a little tricky because you can’t exactly bring a box of something as big as Monopoly and have them play in the car. We suggest magnetic  games that have pieces that can easily stick to the board, or card games such as Love Letter and Uno that are very easy to pack and don’t take up much space.

Books are your best friend

A good book is a person’s best companion during travel. Whether your kid is old enough to read children’s novels or just enjoy nice picture books with animals, it doesn’t matter. It will keep them entertained and give you something to talk about once they’ve finished reading it.

The holidays are a great time to make awesome memories! Our last recommendation is this: relax. Don’t stress about things you did or didn’t bring, because your anxiety will easily spread to your kids. Just relax, you’ll manage. Use this time to enjoy your family and to spread good mood and positivity all around you.

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What are the essentials you need when travelling with children at Christmas? I'll tell you here! #familytravel

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