A weekend with the girls at Whitelady House

ernie and liller

Ah Erin, my little Ernie, Ez, friendid and amigo is getting married in May.  Erin and Chris (or le Triss) are a perfect couple.  At ease with each other while being totally in love, both gorgeous! So looking forward to the big day which I know will be beautiful.  I keep threatening to buy a dress in the same colour as the bridesmaids and hitch onto the back of the line.

Me and Erin met on a CIPS course at work at AgustaWestland and quickly bonded, I invited her on a trip to Cornwall to stay on RAF St Mawgan with some friends and well, let’s just say we had a whale of a time. We practically spent the whole summer down there on long weekends in the sun with Em and Belle, on the beach at Watergate Bay, in the Chy Bar drinking mojito’s and dancing the nights away.

I love this picture of us from those days, this is in Woods Wine Bar Yeovil, I still have that Abercrombie and Fitch top somewhere!


Em, me (Liller), Erin and Belle

Friendship that’s now moved on from those party days (bad wine and marlboro lights) with the arrival of other halves, children and pets and a healthier lifestyle, honest! Responsibility may have changed our circumstances but that fun spirit is still in all of us!

Belle, Helen, Tracey and Leanne aka the bridesmaids organised a hen do for Erin at a secret (to her) location.  A house in deepest Devon and Whitelady House is a luxury retreat and was chosen for it’s tranquil setting within Dartmoor National Park.  Pub down the road, hot tub in the garden, stream to be heard nearby.  Good choice indeed.


Erin trotted down the drive to wave me in as I couldnt find the entrance to the house for ages! The first thing she said to me after ‘hello liller’ was ‘the house is lush!’.  We were all really impressed with the quality of the cottage which slept all of us comfortably, I think there were 14 of us?! I need to count. Erin, Bernice (Erin’s mum), Tracey, Belle, Helen, Lisa, Anouska, Katy, Samantha, Nadine, Leanne, Megan, Em and me. Yup, 14.


dining room

We arrived in dribs and drabs as children and jobs allowed, and the hot tub was put to good use from the start as was the personalised cork holder, that filled up fast actually with popped prosecco corks!  The kitchen was perfect with an island for us all to hang out around, drink tea and natter.

Friday night past by all too quickly.  Prosecco, games, cheeses, cold meats, crisps, dips, olives, crackers, chutneys, you have never seen so much food. I was heartened with the generosity of everyone.


After a fab nights sleep in super comfy beds and rooms, the girls who were up for it (not me) went tree surfing on the Saturday morning.  Not my cup of tea at all especially after a night on the prosecco! I won’t say who but there were tears so I heard.  I thought them all fabulous and mighty brave!

We all met up for a pub lunch and then some even had a nap! Erin, me and some others sat in the hot tub all afternoon.

Saturday night a chef came in and I’d love to include their business here and I didn’t catch the name.  She cooked us all a 3 course meal and then tidied everything away.  We all dressed up and sat down to a 3 course dinner, drank more wine, toasted the bride and next on the agenda was a pyjama disco and bedtime story from Erin from a ladybird book called The Wife.

chef mushrooms

dinner dinner bernice dinner anouska

blurry helen and katy blurry erin slippers blurry dinner party

starterchicken dinnerpudern ern, trace and helen erin, tracey and helento the summerbedtime story

There are countless pictures of the weekend, these are the one’s I liked the best and passed the censorship committee.  As with all of these things, what happens on tour stays on tour 😉 cheers girls, it was a blast, to the summer y’all! and a glass to Erin and Chris.

Lizzie xo


5 thoughts on “A weekend with the girls at Whitelady House”

  1. Harrie Kivell

    Hi! fab pictures and it was myself, Harrie at Boo to a goose that came and cooked for you lovely girlies…i forgot to drop a card but i picked up yours and really enjoyed reading this blog! Take Care x

  2. Hi Harrie, thanks for reading and for your comment, I will update the post with your deets and a link to your website. We had a great evening, thank you so much xo

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