Weekly Happy List

I want to write a weekly happy list to help me remember the little things, the little things that make up the fabric that in turn make up the tapestry that are our lives and loves.

This week has been great in a lot of ways, I’ve spread my wings and launched my very own linky City Country Life with Becca from Keeping up with the Joneses.  It’s a vulnerable thing to do, to push yourself out there more.  It’s been a steep learning curve and the experience has taught me how much I want this blog to become my career.

Although we haven’t had loads of linkers yet I know that it will come in time and I am so happy to be working with Becca who is super talented.  I’m learning so much about blogging from this process and it’s loads of fun to have a topic each week to write about.

CityCountryLife Small

Master H continues to astound us with his reading and we are so grateful to his school, his confidence has shot up loads since he’s started there.

Little Miss continues to push my buttons daily and has taken on the role of terrible two’s as her job.  I know this time is short and firm and loving words she will learn. We have shelved potty training for now and are moving her into a big girls bed soon.Bonfire Night Getting Ready

This week I have loved:

  • Little Miss playing with her friend Miss J at her preschool taster
  • Little Miss drinking dinky hot chocolates like a little lady at the Gateway Coffee Shop
  • Master H’s confidence growing by the day!
  • Launching my own linky and growing my blog
  • Getting more opportunities appear in my inbox
  • My business cards arrived and look fab
  • Arranging Christmas socials with my girlfriends.
  • Bonfire night in the country

Looking forward to:

  • Learning more about the nitty gritty of running a pro blog including learning SEO, how to back up my blog, how to grow my social media platforms and lots, lots more.
  • Putting myself forward to be known by the PR’s/Brands
  • Starting to approach local businesses
  • Writing a Brene Brown inspired post for YCC
  • Nights in front of the wood burner
  • Precious moments with Little Miss before she starts preschool in January.

What are you thankful for? It’s the little things that bring us joy.

Lizzie xo


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