11 Instagram Stunners I LOVE! (& you will too)

Instagram is the first online platform I head for! In this post I highlight 11 Instagram Stunners I love! (& you will too).

Why I love Instagram…

I am totally loving Instagram right now.  The day Instagram launched their Instagram Stories feature, that was a game changer for me.

There are elements of Instagram I don’t love like the sponsored posts or ad Instagram Stories from big brands and yet it is my favourite place to hang out online.  So it’s not all gravy, but no-where is perfect on line and you have to take the rough with the smooth.

For example I think too many people use it as an extension of Facebook.  They  overshare  anything and everything without much thought and to me that just jars a little.  I know my feed isn’t perfect by any means so I’ll try not to sound too harsh.

I’ll admit I did the follow/unfollow game for a little while, eek, and it made me feel really unhappy.  Plus it really isn’t what the community is all about.  I really disliked my feed too.  Now I only follow accounts I want to.

Are Facebook’s glory days over?

It’s taken me awhile to work out my favourite online platform.  The Facebook of latter day has gone forever and I think I’ve been in denial and held onto my love/hate relationship of it for too long hoping it will become great again.

Whatever, it’s just not my bag anymore, things change and not always for the better.

Putting more effort into Instagram and Twitter makes sense to me.  Hopefully in the near future I’ll start growing my YouTube channel (yes I do have one!).

Harry and Katie love watching YouTube kids and those flipping surprise eggs! Harry is particular gets really fired up watching Axel and Daddy so I think I might have a little YouTuber on my hands. It’s the next step and if I want to make an authentic contribution online it makes sense to me to focus on where we hang out the most.  It makes perfect sense for the story I’m telling about Somerset and about our family and friends too.

I like to follow the real, beautiful (but not too forced) and funny accounts too.  Some of these accounts are run by friends and locals.  Some by huge Instagrammers with thousands of followers.  The reasons I love them are depend on the Instagrammer.  One thing in common is, they are all people who post fantastic pictures with stories that resonate with me personally.

Here are 11 of my favourites Instagram accounts that I look forward to watching and scrolling through every day…


Rebecca @rvk_loves

For home decor and lifestyle this account has it all as far as I’m concerned.

Rebecca has been renovating her home and basically I love everything they’ve chosen.  I want her house and garden, I won’t lie her kitchen is basically my dream kitchen.  Her blog is stunning too.

I recently followed her holiday to Portugal and now I want to go, I’m not at all influenced by other people, not at all!

Follow Rebecca on Instagram

Caro @thetwinklesmama

Caro from The Twinkles Mama is a lovely lady and we’ve actually met in real life at Blognix Retreat conference.  I wish I’d spent some time getting to know her better as I love her online presence.  Plus she has a really bright and cheerful feed.

The Twinkles Mama Instagram Stories can be about anything from home decor to travel (recently to Corsica, anonther now on the list) and life with twin boys. I like that I never quite know what I’m going to get which makes it stay fresh and interesting.

Follow Caro on Instagram

Lucy @capturebylucy

My love for Lucy and her work is already well known in the blogosphere.  I recently interviewed her as part of my Countryside Creatives series.

I love everything about Lucy’s feed which is bright and colourfuL and her talent for capturing the ordinary and making them extraordinary is not to be underestimated.  She makes it look effortless and I know it’s not, so go ahead and give her some love.

Follow Lucy on Instagram

The Soiree Stylists @thesoireestylists

The Soiree Stylists is the brain child of one my beautiful best friends Corrie!  Corrie is basically insanely talented and it was only a matter of time before she started her own business.

Me and Jon were married nearly 9 years ago and our wedding looked so different to the styles and trends around these days. I’m a walking cliche but I would be grabbing the botanical trend with both hands and running with it.

Maybe we’ll have a renewal one day and hire in The Soiree Stylists!

Follow The Soiree Stylists on Instagram

Betty @betty_p_

Betty runs a gorgeous Instagram account of her life with two sons in Cornwall.  Her photo’s are amazing, capturing life with her two boys in delightful ways.

Having Cornwall as your back drop makes me slightly envious too! Although I’ll have to put up with beautiful Somerset instead 😉

This Instagram Account should run into the thousands of followers due to the quality of her feed alone.  She seems to capture the magic of childhood which is incredible.  Her account is also followed by a ton of bloggers which just shows you can have a community online without a blog.

Follow Betty’s Instagram

KAYE @helloarchie.blue

Kaye’s feed is simply stunning with her everyday outings with her boys.

Capturing moments with her children Archie and Jessie (who are the cutest kids) getting just the right light and a special look.  Kaye has a canny knack of taking the photo at exactly the right time.

Follow Kaye on Instagram

Natasha @nashvilletash


Natasha’s is one of the first blogs I ever read (and the only Instagram account from overseas to make my list).

Watching Natasha’s Stories gives me so much style inspiration and I can’t wait for house renovation stories to start popping up. Plus I pretty much want her ENTIRE earring collection.  Hello Happiness blog also introduced me to Nashville and now it’s on my bucket list.

Follow Natasha on Instagram

Anna @motherpukka

Mother Pukka is the real deal, Anna will tell you what she is thinking literally every second of the day.  She approaches everything from breastfeeding, to flexible working for parents to flat peaches.  In fact pretty much any subject under the sun.  Get ready for some ‘fresh’ language at times.  I appreciate that Anna approaches everything with wit and humour and I love her for that.

It is worth noting that Anna has by far the most stories in my feed, sometimes I set time aside to watch a load and still don’t get through them all.  She is so raw and real and the difference she is making in the mama world is phenomenal.  Big respect to this lady.

Follow Mother Pukka on Instagram

CLEMMIE @mother_of_daughters

Mama to 4 gorgeous girls (hence the name) Clemmie is an author and speaker and Instagrammer (I guess?) and I love her Stories.

Literally Clemmie’s Instagram Stories crack me up, especially when she asks for a little comment from her husband.  Their little exchanges remind me so much of me and Jon. So funny and honest, I want to be her friend IRL.

Resident Store @resident_store

A shout out for a Somerset brand now for the Resident Store in Frome.  I was invited to their 1 year birthday party and really enjoyed seeing the shop and celebrating with them (with prosecco which is always a winner).

Their Instagram feed because is just my style down to the ground.  Now on my must have list are sunglasses and cement plant pots.  There is an option to shop online too!

Follow Resident Store on Instagram

Lindsay @stylistmum

This girl is a star already and it is set to rise even higher in the future with the launch of her blog just moments away.  I trust Lindsay’s style advice completely.

Located just over the border in Dorset we get together regularly and Lindsay completely made over my wardrobe and did my colour and shape.  Such an eye opener!

Opting for her personal shopper service was the best gift I ever gave myself (I felt like a celebrity) and I walked away with pieces in my wardrobe that I love and I didn’t even break into a sweat.  Pure luxury for a tired/busy mama.

Follow Lindsay on Instagram

Twigs & Twine @twigsandtwine_floraldesign

Twigs & Twine caught my eye immediately as they launched in none other than my home town of Yeovil a few months ago.

Since then they’ve rapidly expanded and are now opening a shop in Crewkerne.  I have yet to meet Ella and Laura and hope to rectify that soon. I have this thing with florals.

Follow Twigs & Twine on Instagram

There you have it friends, I hope you’ve enjoyed my round-up.  Are you on Instagram? If you are I’d love it if you followed me.  Which accounts do you love? Tell me all your favs in the comments!

Lizzie xo

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  1. Aaah bless you pet!! This is so kind of you!! Such a lovely thing to do — and I’m in such esteemed company too! It’s made my week!! 🙂 Thanks so much for including me in this lovely line-up!! xx

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