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2016 a year in review is about what this year has brought to us as a family and also our personal and blog successes! Of course not everything went smoothly and where it looks like things have gone well on this space, equally there are things that haven’t quite come off!

That’s life I guess!  There have been amazing successes and amazing failures along the way.  Ditching perfectionism though, means that I now look at my failures and decide to take action.

You may have noticed that I use the word ‘we’ a lot more these days.  Behind the scenes a gem of a man has joined my team at Lizzie Somerset. Jon supports me in everything I do, and I’ve realised that in the blog too, we’re just stronger together,

I’ve been convicted for the longest time that this space should be collaborative, that it wasn’t just mine.  And then it hit me like a bolt out of the blue, the ‘other’ had to be MY significant other.  Who knows, in the future maybe the space will open up even more!

Me and Jon are a team in literally everything else, so why not the blog?  It makes perfect sense to have his input in this space.  Jon may or may not write some, we’ll see!  He will be helping me with setting goals and learning programmes, he’s my springboard for ideas and I love that he wants to be involved and to support my goals and dreams.  At the end of the day these are our family goals, as we’re in it together, children included!

So here is our 2016 in review! Some things didn’t quite make it on the blog (as you know because I’m so badly organised) and also because I share LOADS of our everyday over on Instagram including Instagram Stories, so to get an idea of what happens with us ‘between the gaps’ head over there and follow along if you’d like to.

JANUARY – Personal : 2016 started out with a girly road trip with some of my best girlfriends to Manchester to shop for bridesmaid dresses.

the girls bridey and best girls Cloud 23 bar view

Our beautiful friend Corrie got married to her best friend and love Sholto in July and we (Clare, Lynne, Shelley and me) got to stand by her side.  We stayed in an apartment overlooking Coronation Street studios and went shopping in the Trafford Centre, we also took in a couple of cocktails on the 23rd Floor of the Cloud Bar which was an absolute joy!

January is also the month we started renovation work remotely on our cottage in Cornwall. A Before and After post WILL follow at some point as it’s quite a transformation!

FEBRUARY – Dove Cottage : Major alternations to the cottage incorporate a bespoke staircase up to the top floor loft room.

Blog: I went to my one and only blog conference of the year.  Blognix Retreat a lovely small and intimate conference run by Elizabeth from Rosalilium with my beautiful friend Karen who blogs at 365 Pearls of Wisdom.

MARCH – March was hectic in all the right ways, Erin’s hen weekend in the Devon countryside was perfect.  We celebrated with ASK Italian Yeovil on their refurb (and we met Darren who is now our Facebook friend!), it was so good we went back for my birthday at the end of March.

ernie and liller


I took in an awesome Ellie Goulding concert with my sister in London which was amazing! I’m now a lifelong fan.

APRIL – Personal: April brought about some heartache with the loss of our precious Grampy.  This man, I can’t even begin to tell you how incredible he was.  His influence will reign for generations to come.  Dance in the stars Grampy! It was also the month I was invited to Yeo Valley, you can read about my experience PART 1 // PART 2.

MAY – Another crazy busy month which kicked off with Erin and Chris’s wedding which was a BLAST!

Grampy’s funeral came soon after which really was a huge celebration of his life and love of Jesus. I’ve not heard hymns sung like that at a funeral EVER, it wasn’t a funeral it was more of a thanksgiving, for which I’ll be forever grateful.

Corrie’s Cheltenham Hen Do was amazing!

We also got Phillipe, our little Renault which the children adore.  We hope to have many adventures in Phillipe, we plan picnics and such for years to come.




JUNE –  Our biggest success on the blog so far was our trip to Butlin’s for Secret Somerset which was amazing for us as a family, it was a much needed trip away and we discovered so much more to love about Somerset.  June also saw me and Sam from The Yeovil Show eat at the fabulous Ston Easton Park.  Also a dream come true opportunity to develop a recipe for Wyke Farms was a huge highlight for me personally.

Best picture of us ever editedpud above


JULY – Corrie and Sholto’s wedding was EPIC! We were blessed with a beautiful day.   I will do a full blog post about the wedding as it was absolutely stunning and Corrie’s new biz The Soiree Stylists will be coming soon!

Next The Yeovil Show made a return, once an important part of our agricultural life here in Yeovil, it had not run for decades.  The return of The Yeovil Show was a joyful and much wanted event by everyone in the area and I was honoured to the brand ambassador for 2016.

AUGUST – Clare’s 40th in Bristol was AMAZING, what a great weekend to celebrate our beautiful girl.


We also celebrated our niece Emma’s 1st birthday!

August also saw us going to Mousehole AGAIN this time for our family summer holiday, for the first time we got kitted out in wetsuits and took to the harbour waters properly on a body board (we bought one and shared it, just in case we didn’t take to it!)

img_0944 img_0946 img_0947 img_0948 img_0951

SEPTEMBER – Jon’s birthday took him to Goodwood Revival with his Dad and brother.  Harry turned 6 and was sick on his birthday from the vomitting bug.  I still wonder if I should throw him another party, we went to the cinema and the film wasn’t age appropriate, meh, lesson learnt, read the reviews next time.

OCTOBER – Our 8 year anniversary! In regards to the blog things changed somewhat in my mindset.  I realised that I want to share MORE, and trust more.  Trust myself that blog posts are just GOOD ENOUGH, to ditch perfectionism and embrace that I would LOVE for this blog to be my business, whatever that may look like.  To trust others too to help me, so…..I took up a business coach, Ceri, who kicks me up the bum and helps me gets stuff done.

NOVEMBER – I started hosting Share the Joy for Michelle Reeves! I’ve so enjoyed hosting this wonderful linky.

Me and Jon went to London to the Premier Digital Conference and heard a lot about God’s heart for the media and how we can share his love in new and relevant ways.

DECEMBER – Blog: Started our new series SELECTED, Lindsay Punch Styling gave me a makeover.

lindsay lizzie-burgundy

I became a Britmums Round-up Editor jointly with Mich from Mummy from the heart and I had a break over Christmas.

Personal: Katie stopped nursery and will now be in one setting at pre-school.  It means I get her back every wednesday so I will have her now more than not, which is an amazing opportunity to spend quality time with her before she starts school in September.



We also popped over to Longleat for the Festival of Light and enjoyed a fabulous and quiet family Christmas and not one but TWO trips to Mousehole.

So, what does 2017 hold? Some things we know for sure.  I will be turning 40 in March and I have no idea what Jon and my friends are planning.  The old perfectist control freak in me is gone, I am so happy to have friends organise something for me and be totally unaware! I know I’ll be incredibly blessed by whatever they pull together, as long as I’m with those I love I will be a happy girl.

My personal goals are around personal fitness and a healthy lifestyle, gifting for others, and decluttering our home.

Blog: I can’t wait to develop SELECTED!  I also want to vlog more and work in collaboration with some amazing local brands in 2017. I’ve realised, it’s all about Somerset for me.

2017 WORD is: TRUST! I have trust issues, I need to explore the root of that.

2016 has been awesome and heartbreaking for me and lots of people I know.  I know a lot of people feel glad to see the back of 2016 and I believe there is good in every year if we look for it.  I’m fortunate to have some amazing friends who I love deeply.  My family too are my roots.  God is my fortress and my high tower.

Happy new year friends, see you in 2017!  I have a feeling it’s going to be the best year yet!  Thank you from my heart for supporting me, by supporting the brands who work with me.  I appreciate all of your love.

From my heart, I wish all the very best for you and yours in 2017.

Lizzie xo


21 thoughts on “2016 – A YEAR IN REVIEW”

  1. this is such a great round-up of the year. I keep meaning to do one each year and before i know it we get into february, then march and then it seems a bit too ridiculous to look back on the previous year as new year seems so long ago by that point. And what a lot of weddings too! I love that the blog will be a joint effort – ours has always been a bit like that – Richard and the boys take the lead on things like the nintendo gaming reviews and a lot of the book reviews and i tend to enjoy sharing my recipe successes (and mainly failures!) along the way too. Hope that 2017 is totally epic for you! xxx

  2. Wow what an amazing year you’ve had Lizzie… Look how many opportunities you have grabbed by the hand and run with in 2016, you’ve got this!

    I love how your focus for 2017 is trust, and particularly trusting others to help and support and guide you 🙂 I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds for you…


  3. What a lovely year, and how lovely that the funeral turned into a celebration. And I love the colour of Phillipe! Thanks for hosting #sharethejoylinky

  4. Lovely round-up of your year and such beautiful photos too. It sounds like it’s been a year full of exciting events for you as well as the moments of sadness too – so sorry that you lost your Grampy in 2017. Love that “trust” is your word for 2016 – good luck with getting to the root of your trust issues and I hope the journey will be healing for you. Thank you for hosting the #sharethejoy linky – I’m looking forward to joining in this year 🙂

  5. Life is full of ups and downs and our year definitely reflects that. So happy to have you for Share the Joy, it’s a great linky and it’s an honour to steward it xo

  6. Wow, you did so much in 2016. Well done. I am really impressed. I hope that 2017 is so full of growth. Happy New Year to you. Pen x #Sharethejoylinky

  7. I’ve seen some lovely blog posts on my Country Kids link up for Longleat festival of lights that really makes me want to visit next year. I was fascinated by your trip to Mousehole, I am embarrassed to say I’ve never been, yet it can’t be that far from us. I know it is famous for it’s Christmas lights. May be we’ll take a day trip down there this year as your photos look lovely. #SharetheJoy

  8. I’ve loved seeing you continue to develop and shine during 2016, lovely Lizzie. So jealous of all your trips to beautiful Mousehole, too! All the best for a wonderful 2017 – all the best people are 40 this year, I hear. I trust (sorry not sorry) that you will continue to flourish over the next 12 months! xxx #sharethejoy

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