4 Top Tips for Helping Your Child with their Homework

Homework can be a chore, but with the right motivation and set up at home your child will be much more motivated to complete their extra study time. Here are some tips from an independent school in Cardiff to help you with your child’s studies.

1. Understand what the teachers are looking for

If it’s any consolation, a lot of parents will be wondering how their child performs at school and what they can do to help. Ask your child’s teachers for advice on their regular homework and see what they suggest in order to help your child succeed. You might find that the homework given is more straightforward than first thought, which is where you can step in and help your child with their studies.

2. While you can offer to help, try not to do the homework for them

Your child will never learn if you end up doing the homework every week for them, and it’ll indicate to your child that they can get away with not doing their homework! Give them guidance if they ask for it, but ensure that the work ultimately has to be completed by them alone. 

3. Remove distractions when they’re doing their homework

Like most of us we often procrastinate when it’s time to work on something important. Curb this when your child is working by removing distractions, like their phone or TV, to let them focus on the important stuff. They’ll find they can get through their homework quite easily and quickly without the distractions.

4. Motivate and monitor their work

Oversee how they’re working from time to time and if they’re stuck on a particular question you can jump in to assist. Have your eye on them as they work by setting them up in the dining room or an obvious place where you can walk by. Ask them how they’re getting on to see how they’re feeling.

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