5 educational & fun things to do with kids in bath

Bath is a wonderful city to explore. Many would assume that it was just for couples since it’s so romantic, with classic Georgian architecture and Roman influence, but Bath is a fantastic city to explore for families with children too. While there are fabulous shops, bars and restaurants, you’ll want to know where all the fun and entertainment is for the little people in your life. With that in mind, here are 5 of the best things to do with kids in Bath, Somerset. 

1. Bath City Farm 

If you’re looking for something fun to do as a family in Bath, then heading to Bath City Farm could be the best option to consider. Here you and the family can wander around the 37 acres where you will see chickens, goats and pigs. You can go on a history or a nature trail, or just let the kids enjoy the epic fort play area. The farm also gives you the chance to buy some freshly grown produce in the garden shop. A lovely different thing to do that kids and adults will love. Find out more about it here

2. The Beazer Garden Maze

Alongside the River Avon, you’ll find a small garden where there ‘s a maze that’s been designed to showcase the history of Bath. It ‘s a maze made out of paving stones, which weaves around a mosaic design and is a real favourite with younger children. It’s a true labyrinth, which means no matter which way you turn you’ll still end up exactly where you’re meant to be. Close enough to the city centre to sample other things to do and a lovely way to spend the morning or afternoon. Read more about the Labyrinth online

3. The Roman Baths 

No trip to Bath would be complete without going to The Roman Baths. You may assume this is more for couples, but The Roman Baths can be just as interesting to children as well, and many can find the surroundings and history fascinating. This is a great educational attraction for children of all ages as it will transport you all back to Roman times and how things were in Roman times. There are also some fun trails you can do while you’re there. For older children a handheld audio will give you more information at each point, most languages are catered for too! Check out The Roman Baths website for more details. 

See how the Romans bathed, socialised, did business and went about their daily life in the multi-media step into the past. Imagine yourself as a Roman and understand their underpinning beliefs and values.

4. Royal Victoria Park 

A short stroll from the city centre and you will find yourself in Royal Victoria Park. A big expanse of parkland with so many things to do while you’re exploring. Whether it’s taking on mini-golf, or heading to the epic adventure playground, you’ll find that the whole family will enjoy the time spent here. It’s also a lovely place to visit during the autumn and winter months. Take a picnic and enjoy some time in nature while still being in the city. You can read more about the park here

5. Bath Postal Museum 

Something a little more unique would be to head to the Bath Postal Museum. This is a smaller museum but with lots of video and interactive displays for you and your children to enjoy. Learning the history and methods of the postal system throughout the years. If you have any Postman Pat fans, there is also a themed area to explore. Check out the website for more details. 

Hopefully, with so much to see and do. this blog post has given you plenty to think about when it comes to things to do with your kids in Bath. Now it’s your turn…where do you take your children when you go to Bath for the day? I’d love to hear your suggestions too, so make sure to put them in the comments below.


Lizzie x

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