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Happy Friday friends!

It’s the summer holidays, I’m writing from my bedroom in Dove Cottage, Moushole, Cornwall. The sun is shining through the sash windows. I can see a palm tree, a granite wall, some roofs and chimney stacks. It’s the beginning of a great day.

Since going sober (again) back in April, subtle shifts in my lifestyle have begun to happen. Not necessarily by my intention, just because of the space and extra time I’ve gained since dropping the bottle.


As a kid I was an avid reader. Famous Five, Mallory Towers, The Secret Seven, Enid Blyton clearly a favourite. I remember moving on to Sweet Valley High and July Blume books, as I hurtled towards puberty from an early age.

Reading to my kids at bedtime is already a priority. Since they were babies we’d read picture books to them. As the kids have grown we’ve moved on to novels, especially with Harry. But we would start a chapter or two and bounce to another book, start another. Harry has 6 books on the go and I realised this was me as a kid!

This is the erratic way I read when I was drinking alcohol, too, as an adult. It doesn’t seem like much, but sticking to one book, picking it up to read one chapter, then another. That’s a game changer for me. It gives my mind more peace, consistency and less erratic emotions that send me slightly batty. Finishing a book after sticking with it, is such an achievement and make me feel happy.

We’ve just finished reading Famous Five go to Smuggler’s Top * by Enid Blyton. Harry LOVED it, much to my happiness.


I’ve become a woman obsessed with cleaning my house. Mrs Hinch is great isn’t she? I really love her and have bought her book. I love how she talks about it being ok to respect and keep your home tidy. That is gives you a sense of achievement, and allows your mind to be clutter free.

Happily cleaning my home, with the music blaring, and making the best of what we have makes me so happy. I’ve become as obsessed with Minkeh as the next Hincher.

We’ve also started selling and giving away furniture. Many big pieces were cluttering our home, and since I’ve stopped drinking I’ve been looking at ways to de-cluttering my home, as well as my mind.

So far we’ve sold a random chair that sat in the kids play room, gave back an Ercol chair to my parents, put our Ercol sideboard up for sale with a vintage store and moved the sideboard that matches the living room furniture, back into the room.

I have my Tiffany & Co vision in mind at all times, and have spent the money I’ve saved on booze on crystal lights for my living room. Which will be up when I get home. Excited to share them with you, they’re a splurge for sure, the impact should be incredible.


Getting up early isn’t easy for me and it’s a habit I’m working on. I’d much rather turn over and go back to sleep (kids permitting). Last week I made it to the gym at 6.30am and hit out a 30 minute resistance based workout. One upper body and one lower body.

Cant lie, my body does hurt, so next on the list is stretches and possibly doing some pilates at home.

The benefits are already showing on my body, across my shoulders and back. Plus I notice it most when walking up the stairs, my legs are stronger. Pollyanna Isabella is a member of my gym, and I look up to her, and Kate, her training partner. Olympic Weightlifting is in my sights.


Self care has been top of my list since going sober. Recommended by my personal trainer, these Solstro vits are great. I pick them up at the gym, and you can also get them from Amazon.

Snack habits have changed to, with a more protein based snack habits being formed. Working my way through the snack shop at Progress (thank goodness for the loyalty card), I’ve settled happily with Battle Snacks. Especially the Red Velvet and Birthday Cake flavours.

Going back to Bio-Kult has made a huge difference to my gut health. They’re a local brand too, established in Taunton. I buy from my local health store, Ceres in Yeovil. You can also find it in Tesco.


I’ve become a woman obsessed with recycling. More prudently, reducing our plastic intake.

If you’ve followed my posts on Facebook, you’ll already know about Take No Wrap in Yeovil. Who are revolutionising the way our town collects waste. At the back of the store there are collection points for most plastic; toothbrush packaging, trigger tops to bottles (not the bottles themselves), stretchy bread bags, crisp packets. Visit Take No Wrap on Facebook for more details.

I spent the whole first week of the summer hols washing, drying and sorting plastic. And because I can’t keep that up, me and Jon have decided to make changes to our shopping habits. For example, we choose the loose item option in our Tesco shop (we shop online) but it still comes in a plastic bag! So we’re buying our fresh fruit and veg seasonly from our local greengrocer and farm shops. It may cost a little more, but again, now I’m not drinking I’m saving lots of money I can put towards something I really care about. And is super important for our local businesses and the world as a whole #theresnoplanetb.

Have a happy weekend friend, you’re so precious to me, thanks so much for reading.



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