5 Revision Tips to Help Your Child Prepare For Exams

Exam periods are tough times for children, but they can be made easier with guidance from their parents who should aim to make those times less stressful. Here are 5 top tips from a place that knows their GCSE Revision in Somerset

1 – Study using the right books

Have your child’s study books ready before or just when the exam year begins. They have plenty of time to absorb the information they need throughout the year and accessing their books won’t be as daunting. If you’re unsure what books to buy ahead of time, you can always ask their teachers for advice.

2 – Check exam specifications

A good way of checking ahead of time is by going on the exam board websites and seeing what the exact specifications there are for the year ahead. This includes how the exams will be marked and any past papers that students can use to practice.

3 – Break up the revision

Make sure your child isn’t overloading their minds with constant revision. Make sure they take regular breaks, at least 2 an hour, as they study. And show them that they don’t need to revise from the moment they come home from school – exercise restraint if it’s necessary!

4 – Make sure they have a good routine

From regular exercise to going to bed on time, these things are proven to help a child’s development and will take them away from the stresses of revision prep.

5 – Remind your child to keep it in perspective

Show them that you’re going to be proud of them no matter what grades they achieve and that there is always a next time if they’re keen to get the best grades they can manage. And keep their spirits high by reminding them that when the exams are done they have a long summer holiday break to look forward to.

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