5 ways to embrace autumn/winter


Look, I used to be THAT person who went on and on about autumn.

I grew up watching Anne of Green Gables, I loved the colours of the trees in the movies and in real life and honestly, the excuse to hibernate was a big draw.  I’ve always loved my sleep.

Since I’ve had the kids I’ve changed slightly, it doesn’t matter anymore if I like sleep, the kids are early risers so that is that.

I started to prefer spring and summer, the lighter mornings, getting outside with the kids.  I needed some ways to embrace autumn/winter again.


The shorter, grey days cut down our opportunities to get that precious hit of Vitamin D that we ALL need.

I know as a tired mama with two spirited kids I am feeling that deficiency already.

Can you relate?

How can I get more Vit D and embrace this time of year, when I feel like curling up and hibernating until around March?


If  autumn/winter is stretching ahead of you like a long and never-ending tunnel, and the dark nights and short days are already taking their toll, here are some sure fire ways to embrace all that these seasons offer.



The best thing we ever did was put in a wood burning stove.  We get silly excited about stacking up our log pile.  If you don’t have one then find someone who does!

Grab some nacho’s, cosy socks and a drink of your choice and watch a box set that will take you through the seasons. We love Modern Family and Nashville.

Country pubs are also a great place to find a roaring open fire, hunt them down and then don’t move.


It’s not Christmas yet, but why wait to string up your fairy lights?

Put them in the trees outside and in your window.  If you have a fireplace then put some over your mantle.



Hot drinks warm us up and make us feel amazing.  This is a priority and is better shared with good friends.  (We can walk it off in tip 4).

I’m going to add in eating out, we love eating roast dinners in a cosy pub in the Somerset/Dorset countryside and a brisk walk afterwards.



It’s cold and grey and we’d much rather stay in the warm.  However, getting fresh air and Vitamin D is essential to our wellbeing.

Whenever we get ourselves outside for a walk together we never regret it.

Our kids love nothing more than a yomp over the fields and hills, we’re ready with our winter woolies and some welly socks!

If you want to brighten up a frosty night grab some sparklers and head to the patio.  Got a fire pit? All the better for roasting those marshmallows.  Breathe the frosty air and fill your lungs.



Our skin is more dehydrated in the winter months than in the summer months, and our skin health will make us look and feel either fabulous or frazzled.

Choose water rather than fizzy drinks and keep you hydrated and feeling your best.


I hope that’s given you lots of ideas to embrace AW16!

What do you do to embrace the winter months and enjoy it rather than endure it?  There is something special about each and every season.

I’d love to hear your ideas and inspiration!

Let’s grab our lip balm and get out there.

Lizzie xo




8 thoughts on “5 ways to embrace autumn/winter”

  1. As always I’m taking myself as well as sharing for others! I forget all the time to drink water and instead reach for the coffee! Thank you for linking up for #sharethejoy Mich xo

  2. I must admit that living in Florida, winter here is the best time of year. The weather has been absolutely beautiful. I still drink lots of water because of the warm weather.
    Great tips,

  3. Love these tips darling and I grew up watching Anna of Green Gables, so magical! I’ve been drinking hot choc every day here! Super tips and blog is looking sooo gorgeous x

  4. Love these! Autumn is my favourite time of year – there’s golden leaves on the trees, Halloween, Guy Fawkes, and then Advent and Christmas!! We also got married in the autumn too 🙂 but I must admit that I do find the dreary cold, wet, and miserable days harder to deal with now we have a child and feel permanently exhausted. I remember traipsing into the woods to find greenery to decorate with a few days before Christmas in the bitter cold before we had O, but it’s much harder to do so now. We still do it, it’s just it cannot be as impromptu as it used to be, so we have to plan ahead a bit more.


  5. Great tips. I think every season has something to offer. As much as I like spring and summer and working in our garden; I also enjoy the coziness of autumn and winter. I do a lot more reading. And the hot tea and cocoa come out in full force. We’ve had a particularly nice autumn this year. But snow started falling last night and continues today. Had cocoa this morning, will be brewing the tea this afternoon.

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