A pamper at Another Little World

*This post is written in collaboration with Another Little World.  Thank you so much for supporting the brands I love, in doing so you are helping keep this blog going.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.*


As a mum, I count someone else making me anything food related as a pamper! Having breakfast lovingly laid out and a Pukka tea made for me, I’m yours forever.  Another Little World gave that gift to me last weekend.

An oasis in the country for Breakfast Club…

My tootsies have a beautiful festive red adorning them at the mo too so I feel truly pampered from the inside out, I headed out to Corton Denham early last Saturday morning for Another Little World‘s Breakfast Club.

I arrived to an oasis in the countryside, an olive tree and a warm welcome from Lauren and Michelle.

Yummy healthy breakfast

I had yummy healthy breakfast with some lovely ladies, we enjoyed Primrose’s Kitchen cereal (YUM) and smoothies from the Queen’s Arms while we got to know each other.  Guys, I ate breakfast with not one distraction, I ate my whole bowl of cereal without getting up once.  This is amazing to me as a mum whose kids ask for 1,205 things throughout my tiny bowl of muesli each morning.

Pamper pedicure and reflexology

Part of the pamper included the choice of either a Mini Mani/Pedi AND a Reflexology/Indian Head Massage taster.  I chose reflexology which I had with Michelle who I recognised from my career in the aerospace industry.   I was interested to hear about her online community The Knackered Mama Society!  I was abit curious about reflexology as I had no idea what it was really.   I was so surprised by just how much Michelle could tell about me and my body from my feet! She could tell I keep my tension in my shoulders which blew my mind bit.  I was so relaxed afterwards I could easily have dropped off.

Next I had a mini pedicure with Lauren.  I chose a festive red which I hope will take me through until Christmas! Lauren did a lovely job and we had a lovely time chatting about her two businesses @nailsatanotherlittleworld and @inwonderlandlettering.

I wholeheartedly recommend Another Little World so give them a follow if you’re local on Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / Pinterest.

In the evening we took our reindeer lantern downtown for the Lantern Parade! We’d made the reindeer at a lantern making workshop the week before and even made it into the local paper!  If you guys are interested I’ll write a separate post about it so let me know what you’re interested in reading more about it.  You can see what we get up to over on Instagram Stories most days.

Thanks for reading as always and a big thank you to Another Little World for inviting me for a much needed morning out for myself.

*caveat this morning out came with a heavy dose of guilt as always for leaving Jon to have the kids all morning, they had a great time together and apparently didn’t miss me at all.  Why do I worry?

Lizzie xo

4 thoughts on “A pamper at Another Little World”

  1. It sounds like a wonderful pampering session, Lizzie!

    I love reflexology! My uncle is anIiridologist and Reflexologist – what he can tell about people’s health through just studying their eyes and massaging their feet is incredible. So I grew up being exposed to complementary medicine, and it really does show how lacking in a holistic viewpoint our western medicine often is (where we treat the symptoms alone, rather than looking at the body as a whole!)

    I’m so glad you had such a wonderful experience – it sounds like bliss. #sharethejoy

  2. Wow, this sounds amazing! I’ve had reflexology too and it is an incredible experience. As for eating your breakfast uninterrupted… bliss! Sounds just lovely. #sharethejoylinky

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