A rose by any other name

My son is starting pre-school in September. Yes, slightly emotional Mama on this end!

On the form (there are lots of forms), the Pre-School have asked us questions all about him, so they can get a feel for what kind of child he is, and what makes him tick.

For example they’ve asked, how does he ask for things? I guess some children may just stick their hand out and make a noise. We are fortunate that Master H asks for something and then says please. (Ok most of the time).

One of the questions asked if he has any special words, words only he understands. Oh my Lord yes. Loads!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes I wonder how I understand my eldest child but I must admit for the most part I know exactly what he’s talking about. He is one of the cutest most adorable boys you will ever meet, & man, does he have the most amazing imagination!

For people, he likes to name them using a word associated with that person. For example, his Grampy (my Dad) is called Mow, because he mows the lawn (of course!). His other Grandad (Jon’s Dad, clearly!) he calls Choo, because he has a toy train in the garden & takes him for rides.

It made me think about how we all have special words, names or things to describe the things that excite or feel familiar & cosy to us.

Do you call that blanket a snuggle, because it just FEELS more snuggly to say it that way? Or the remote control a doofa, or didger or something else?

Or do you call a special person a special name, like my sweet boy does? I really want to capture some of this enthusiasm for his own words. I believe it sets his imagination free.

Of course a rocket is called a ‘bay’! Why would it be called anything else?

Ok I understand that one day he will have to start using the appropriate language so he can make himself understood. But can I just hold on to THIS language for a little bit longer? Because for me, the rose WOULD smell sweeter if it were called a roe, if my baby were the one saying it.

Until next time friends

Have a blessed day! Hold your little one’s close & give them a squeeze.

L xxx

ps when I work out if I can link something from another blog (with permission of course!) I’m totally going to see if I can pop a ‘My First Day at ….school, preschool’ etc printable I saw on another blog called ‘the good life blog’. I will see if I can do that before the Back to School mayhem starts next week folks. Sweet dreams all xxx

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