Hey friends,

I used to make resolutions, then I made goals, now I’m choosing a word for the year.

When all’s said and done it’s all the same thing really, I’m intentionally designing my year.

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I know I can’t control everything, my intention is to DO MY BEST with my ‘word’ as my motivation throughout the year.

Last year I chose ‘CONSISTENT’ as consistency is something I have struggled with in the past.  I easily lose focus and in turn, motivation.  I’m a day dreamer.

So with the word, consistent, as my guide I kept plugging away (at parenting, blogging, friendship) as much as I felt able to.  I did notice a difference, and I think consistency will be something I have to practice more going forwards.

This year I wanted to change focus slightly, I wrote down a few words and took my time to ponder them.


This is a year of change for us.  Katie has started preschool and with it I have more free time, about 6 hours a week more.

I could leap into a new job, although depending on the day of the week the hours would be all over the place.   I have no idea what is next for me (us) and whether it is just around the corner or not.

The word I have chosen for 2016 is…



Family/parenting comes first.  My kids and their happiness, safety, nourishment, friendships, development, all comes first.  As does quality time together.

We may not be together as much so I am determined that QUALITY will be the thread running through our time together.  Not so long ago I was with the kids 24/7, and I firmly believe in quality over quantity.

Mummy and Katie kisses mummy and harry Mummy and Harry non posed


With more time on my hands my thoughts have turned to work.  It might be that a new job is just around the corner, and I’m determined not to rush into applying for jobs and then it not work out.  It has to fit in with our business.  It can’t be a detriment to our home life.

Little Miss has only just started preschool and I have a feeling those 6 hours (split) will not give me the time I think it will.  She still needs me to settle her in and to be there for her when she comes home and so does Harry.

QUALITY work, work that comes from a passion and my gifts.  It’s everyone’s dream to do what they love for work, and that it won’t feel like work because you love it/feel fulfilled.

Let’s see where the word quality takes me in this regard.



Food // Exercise // Sleep // Mindfulness.

I’ve started on the road to wellness with CBT, exercise and eating.  Now I want to build on that journey and take it another step.

I only want to eat food that nourishes me, this means some research into whole grains, nuts, fruit, veggies, low sugar, and drinking more water are key.  Quality foods and drinks that do me GOOD!

Exercise is so important and is key to my overall wellbeing.

I made it to the gym once a week last year (some weeks lapsed completely), this year I’m putting it up to two times a week to include 1 x Pilates class and 1 x gym session.   I know this is achievable, any more and it will become a chore.

Quality exercise will do me the world of good, any lapses in core strengthening and I can feel it straight away, this is SO IMPORTANT for my health and wellbeing.


At the moment (if I am going on feelings alone) then I am not sure yet what will happen with the blog this year.  I planned last year and it just didn’t go that way.  Overall I am happy.

Going into 2016 I have a quality brand, a small but loyal following.

I wasn’t always happy with my writing in 2015.   I always had the right heart, but sometimes I wrote because I felt I had to.  I am done with that way of thinking.

As much as I wanted to make this a business it isn’t, I can’t pretend that it is, so since I’m not making any moola I think it’s high time I gave myself a break.  I have worked my ass off and this is a QUALITY blog of which I am proud.


I will be focussing my efforts on REAL & QUALITY engagement.  I’ve taken Facebook off my phone.  At the end of the day I had to work out what SUCCESS looks like for me.

Success for me is community and being fulfilled.  It is passing on inspiration and beauty in the small things, blessing and being blessed.  Hearing and being heard.

I will be writing when the mood takes me and not forcing myself to do it, if I write about brands or products it will only be because I care about or passionately believe in them.  I want you guys to KNOW that I have put my heart and soul into every post and that it is WORTH you opening it just because of that.  Even if you only read the first line.  I want to offer VALUE, to you and to me.

I may blog once a week and I may blog four times a week.  I want you to know that each time I publish it will be because I have written a quality post that I hope you will love.

Maybe more importantly, I will love it.


Who you surround yourself with is who will influence you, and that’s the truth.  As I get older, I realise I no longer want or need LOTS of people around me all of the time, and I have loads of wonderful acquaintances who enrich my life so much and I hope I enrich theirs.

However, I have to be careful about who I choose to let into my inner circle.

A small circle, quality people, people who are slightly ahead of me maybe, a bit wiser.

Mentor’s, family, friends, people who GET me, people who are FOR me and who allow me to GIVE back.  It’s a two way street.  I can give back to them too, in return.



Quality time again isn’t it?  When I put God first in all things, things just work a lot better.

It’s so easy to only talk to God at the end of the day (and even easier to fall asleep during our chat) and then wonder why I’m out of whack.

Me and Jon do try to do a small devotional every day first thing in the morning.  This is successful dependent on the day (kids wake up times etc).  We have been loving the UCB free bible study.

This is QUALITY time with God and each other which is so important so this will continue.  I also need to find quiet time during the day to really seek his face and hear his voice.


I could go on loads of adventures, adventures every day.  I want quality adventures, one’s that take my breath away.  Quality over quantity.  I choose quality fun with amazing people, including my little family.

Sweet Harry Proper Pic

Quality is going to seep into all of my decisions, from what clothes and accessories I buy to where I go and when.

Do you have a word for 2016? I’d love to hear it in the comments and why you chose it.  If you’d like to choose a word it’s not too late! My friend Michelle wrote a post ‘What’s your word for 2016?’ about how you can find your very own word for this year, it includes a free printable to set you on your way.

Happy new year friends, I’m excited, 2016 is set to be a quality year.

Lizzie xo

3 thoughts on “A WORD FOR 2016”

  1. I love this so much, such a strong, empowering post focusing on quality relationships, people, outings and work. Never doubt yourself darling, your blog and you are wonderful. Thank you for being a real friend to me. You are a shining light, much love and Happy New Year xx

  2. Lizzie this is a wonderful post that shines with the truth and honesty that shows you’ve sat yourself down and had a good old fashioned think about what is important to you. Hurrah for that! Love you word for 2016 (thanks for the shout out too honey) and love that you’re giving yourself a break on the blogging front and letting the words flow when they’re ready too. Here’s to an amazing 2016! x

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