AD. Adding the Love to Your Living ROOM

A living room is typically the most chilled room of the house where you just want to sit and relax or spend time with family. It seems a lot of activity even though it’s a room just to hang out in. If you have a carpet in the room, then maybe it sees more than its fair share of wear and tear also.

Maybe you have a desire to punch up the room and give it a little life as that carpet is looking a little faded and you just can’t stand the thought of spending money on deep cleaning it over and over. If you love your living room, then give a little love with Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Once upon a time vinyl was frowned upon as a flimsy product, but over the past few decades, it has undergone a radical transformation into the number one recommendation of interior designers. It’s the most durable, sustainable flooring that you can have your way when it comes to the choice of design.

Interior designers are further pushing for vinyl over traditional flooring due to growing changes in tastes and trends within the home. Having an easy installation on a flooring option certainly makes for time and energy for those people who prefer regular change.


Pet proofing your floor is a huge sigh of relief with luxury vinyl flooring as it’s manufactured with scratch guard perfection, meaning every time your pet scrambles across the floor it won’t be affected by deep scratches.

Children can also pose a threat to regular floors, from food stains or mud trampled into the floor or toys being thrown around. A simple clean up with a wet warm sponge will bring the floor back around to its intended look, and no sending the kids upstairs to their room for causing damage.


You can install most vinyl flooring brands via one of two methods; glue down or click together.

Both are very simple operations and able to be designed and manufactured to the specific scale of the room, meaning you won’t need too much trimming around the sides. It’s simpler to replace any individual section hard damaged of the flooring, making it a stress-free process to undertake. Should it need replacing, the sections are cheap enough to not make a dent in your budget also.

If you’re looking for a little love in the living room, Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring can indeed provide a great, authentic, and protected style for your home, so why not take a look at what it can bring to your living room for the autumn.

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