AD / Gifted : Back to School with Clarks Village and Clarks Kids

Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. We were gifted two pairs of school shoes in return for this blog post. All opinions and words are 100% honest and my own.

Every family under the Somerset sun heads to Clarks Village to get their kids’ shoes before the end of the summer hols. We’re no different.

Taking a ticket, waiting in turn, getting measured and fitted. It’s as much a tradition as choosing your Christmas tree in these parts.

One some parents enjoy more than others!

Clarks is a Somerset brand, so although families up the down the UK head to Clarks it does feel like the giant shoe brand ‘belongs’ to us here in Somerset. It feels like we’re supporting a local business…that happens to have been (HUGELY) successful.

Clarks Village Clarks Kids shoes

If you’re a local and haven’t been to Clarks Village for awhile I’d go and check it out. Jon hadn’t been for a couple of years and it’s changed. Everything is so fresh, clean and neat. The landscaping has really taken it up a notch and the brands in the stores reflect a designer village feel throughout the site.

The kids loved their experience; we had Matt, an experienced fitter, to measure and fit their shoes. Harry has flat feet, a high instep AND insoles. And Matt found a pair of shoes to fit Harry no trouble at all, which really surprised me.

Clarks Village

Katie definitely wanted patent, which I was never allowed as a kid! Do you remember the Clarks Magic Key shoes? I *think* I had a pair, but I know I wanted some, desperately. Just can’t remember if I ever had a pair to myself! I remember Mum relenting and giving me patent shoes, only for me to step in some dog poo. Oops.

We were going with the ‘get in and get out’ plan but seeing Clarks Village looking so lovely and all the recognisable restaurants like GBK, Frankie and Benny’s and Prezzo, we chose to stay and eat too. Harry picked Prezzo (we let the kids pick where we eat) and we loved it! The restaurants are really nice, with kids menus they could colour.

There’s a warm family feel throughout Clarks Village; we really enjoyed our trip to get the kids’ shoes. Something that I know is a hellish ‘let’s get in and get out asap’ job for most parents. So grateful (again) that Somerset is full of such great brands I rely on as a mum to two!

Clarks Village

I’ve had mixed feelings with the kids going back this time. I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve felt relief in the past! The constant stream of ice-cream, snacks and days out have leave me feeling broke! This time though it flew by, we did so many great things; Mousehole, London, Cadbury World in Birmingham and much more!

Thanks to Clarks for making it a smooth and enjoyable transition back to school.

Back-to-school shoes from Clarks - the only place to get durable school shoes! See how we got on at Clarks Village #parenting #school

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