Our Adventures with Archie the Scarecrow

Okay, so I’m going to bite the bullet here and tell you this story does not end well.

It started brilliantly with me and the kids going to Aqua Marque after school last week to choose what we thought was a sponge bob figure to go in a fish tank.  It ended up that we brought the fish tank because mummy liked the look of the one that looked like a crab.

Anyway, on the advice of the assistant we got it all set up without buying any fish, to get the gravel washed and the filter set up and water acclimatised before buying any actual pets, already named Tom and Jerry.

Saturday a day with Grampy & Archie

On Saturday (our adventure day with Archie the Scarecrow) the kids were so excited because Grampy Mow was coming to spend the day with us and go and get fish.  I can’t tell you what a happy day Saturday was and the way the story ends in no way detracts from the fantastic time we had with my Dad. Harry & Dad made a robot made out of egg boxes while I took Katie to ballet.

Getting the fish

We decided to go to Pets at Home because the store is nice, you can look at rabbits and guinea pigs as well as fish, and with Starbucks across the road at Babylon Hill we couldn’t go wrong. Dad treated us to treats too!

We didn’t have much choice of fish because the tank we bought was so small and only held 7.5L of water.  Initially we’d wanted a goldfish but no way could a goldfish be happy in that little water.

So we got our minnows and got them home, put the bag in the tank of water to acclimatise the fish and then let them in.  They seemed happy enough and we fed them according to the instructions we’d been given in store.

Our pet story didn’t end well

Anyway, long story short and Tom and Jerry lasted 2 days.  We really have no clue if it’s anything we’ve done, if the tank just isn’t big enough for any fish or if the fish were sick.  No clue at all.

We told the kids as soon as they came home from school, they were upset for a bit and then got on with life and iPads! Now we’re not sure whether to replace them or just draw a line under it as a life lesson.

It was such a shame as we’d had such a lovely day with my Dad and the kids and taking Archie everywhere we went was lots of fun.

Showing Montacute House to Archie

I took the kids to Montacute House too for a runaround in the arvo and the kids took Archie on a fairy trail.

So what was a wonderful weekend left us feeling a little lacklustre afterwards.  Having Archie with us is a reminder that sometimes we feel full of colour and others not so much.

Find out more about the work Reminiscence Learning are doing with dementia patients and carers here.

What adventures did you get up to at the weekend?

Lizzie xo

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