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Hi friends,

Over the half term week I took the kids on a little road trip to Wellington to visit an amazing charity, Reminiscence Learning I’d connected with online.

I was so touched by the work that Reminiscence Learning do with dementia patients and their carers that I offered to be an online ambassador for them.

Harry and Katie were so excited to go in and have a look around, when we arrived Emma made us feel so welcome and kindly showed us around all of the rooms, the offices where they work and the community room where the community days take place.

She explained about Butterfly Moments which we can all apply to our lives.  The little kindnesses that lift someone in a moment; like a compliment if a colour they’re wearing looks good on them, or asking about their day.  These are the things that can lift dementia patients, carers and just about anyone really if you think about it!

I was struck by just how much kindness was at the heart of this amazing work.

I loved learning how Reminiscence Learning use props to take people with dementia back to an era in their lives that may spark precious memories that have been forgotten.  Music, singing, dancing, dressing up and memory box making all make such a positive impact.  If someone with dementia has travelled for example, a clear fronted box with a postcard from that place, some photo’s, and other memorabilia might kick start a memory for that person and is easy to hang outside of their room if they’re in care.

Reminiscence Learning hold community sessions, courses and raise awareness to “ultimately dispel the fear and stigma often associated with dementia and create more dementia friendly communities”.

We also heard all about Archie the Scarecrow and Emma kindly gave us a knitted Archie to bring home and take with us on our adventures.  I’ll be using the #archiesadventures #archiethescarecrow if you’d like to follow along on Instagram.

Angela Rippon is a patron and Reminiscence Learning have won awards for their pioneering work.  Emma explained that their aim is to make Wellington a Dementia Friendly town and then encourage that model to be rolled out further afield.

I’m so happy to be able to use whatever influence I have, however small, to share information about this wonderful charity and the work they do.

Expect to hear lots about our adventures with Archie and Reminiscence Learning over the next few months.

Thanks for reading

Lizzie xo


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