Amigos are Bridesmaids

It’s time my friends make it onto my blog.  I haven’t intentionally left them out, it’s just I’ve realised that I’m only telling a partial story about my life when I post about our family and the places we go.

As a family we do so much that doesn’t make it onto the blog.  Mostly because of the time it takes to write it all up!  I think I’m missing out a huge chunk of my life that tells a fuller story about us.

I have friends too and we have a ton of fun!

Introducing my mates…

I have two main groups of friends and am lucky enough to have beautiful, smart and funny sidekicks that I adore.

The Cheltenham Massive or “my girls” and The Amigos.  Don’t ask me why we have to name our groups but it makes What’s App messaging abit less confusing.  Plus we’re just sad and soppy as hell!

‘My Girls’ are Corrie (Coz), Shelley, Lynne and Clare (Bear). I met Lynne in Oz in a backpackers called Hotel Bakpak in Melbourne near Victoria Market.  We stayed in touch when we got home and I met the others through Lynne and copious nights out in Cheltenham which offered a vastly superior night out for us singles (at the time) than Yeovil ever could.

We’re so spread out that getting together happens about once a year! Shelley is in Edinburgh, Clare in Salcombe, Lynne in Cheltenham and Corrie in Manchester and we speak most days about our businesses and dreaming BIG!

I’m proud of what these ladies have achieved through sheer hard work and being brave enough to go for it.  More on that another day.

The Amigos are Helen (Belle), Erin (Ernie), Carol (Caz) and Emmeline (Em).  We’ve been friends forever and they’re my local bunch.

At my recent surprise 40th birthday party (this is possibly the only respectful picture I can show of a super FUN night.  Trust me you don’t want to see the after pics)

I feel so fortunate to have such positive, cheerful and fun girls to hang around and be silly with.

I’ve known Belle the longest.  We met at the tender age of 15 at secondary school and have literally gone through every stage of life together.

A special wedding…

Belle or Big Foot Belle (BFB) as she’s currently known (due to a running accident that saw her hobble home on a foot with a chipped bone)  is getting married to the wonderful Jamie in September and we are all beyond excited and thrilled for them.

Please God let her big foot heal in time! 10 weeks to go!

Hen Do planning is in full force in a What’s App group (isn’t that how everything is arranged these days?) and I so wish I could tell you about it!

TOP SECRET I’m afraid and I’ll be sure to share when we’ve been, seen and conquered (and stuck a flag on it).

On a sunny Saturday at Belle’s recent 40th birthday lunch at Haselbury Mill, she asked us all a very special question.  Would we be her bridesmaids?

Of course we all cried and hugged and got very excited indeed.  It might have been the rounds of prosecco followed by G&T in the hot sun without any kids which would bring anyone to happy tears. I’m pretty sure it’s because we’re all so thrilled to be a part of her big day.


Aghhhh I can’t even tell you the colour we’re going for or anything about the dresses but I’m sure that will heighten the suspense for you all. Haha!  I think we’ll all scrub up ok.

The venue Cott Barn Farm looks so rustic and cute, I can’t wait to see it.  We’ll be camping the eve of the wedding in our VW camper (not a cute one).

Hopefully we won’t turn into over zealous maids like in the film Bridesmaids.  We’ll stay away from the dodgy chicken just in case.  Have you seen Bridesmaids? I might have to watch it again it is to funny.  I know that hilarity will ensue at the hen do too!

I couldn’t imagine my life without all of my girls… or What’s App clearly.  I didn’t realise how much I use it until now.  It probably dings about 20-30 times a day. It’s not unusual to check my phone and find a thread of 29 messages.

We’re a crazy lot but I love my girls and amigos and if they let me you’ll be seeing more of them on this little space.



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  1. I love that you have 2 groups names for your friends 😉 Great to see, how much fun you have together! By the way, I’m a little bit curious about the non-shown pictures of your birthday party 😉
    – Emmi @ #sharethejoy

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