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I was tagged in this post by Aby of You Baby Me Mummy blog in her post Being a Blogger.  I got my thinking hat on because actually being a blogger is quite hard to explain in a lot of ways.

Maybe these little nuances will give you an idea of what it’s like to be a blogger & in a blogger’s family!


1. Being a blogger means you have 1,000’s of photo’s of your blurry kids trying to get the ‘perfect Pinterest shot’.

2. Being a blogger (when you take your media on your phone) looks like you really should be reading more of ‘Hands Free Mama’ (but it’s my job honest!!!).

3. Being a blogger makes staying in the moment quite hard (see notes 1 & 2.)

4. Being a blogger means you have a whole community of people who support & edify you with kind words, encouragement & inclusion for all.

5. Being a blogger helps you to see your cup as overflowing, not just half full.

6. Being a blogger gives me a sense of purpose & identity.

7. Being a blogger brings about it’s own guilt (it takes so much time).

8. Being a blogger focuses my thoughts.

9. Being a blogger makes me want to make the most of every opportunity.

10. Being a blogger is so frustrating when opportunities don’t always come your way.

11. Being a blogger makes me a better person, more confident & self aware.

12. Being a blogger helps me to celebrate the everyday.

13. Being a blogger helped me to stay sane as a stay at home mum.

14. Being a blogger gives me ideas for adventures with my kids.

15. Being a blogger is hard work, but totally worth it.

Thanks for the tag Aby! I enjoyed making my list.  See also Why I Blog.

Lizzie XO

11 thoughts on “Being a Blogger”

  1. Fab post! Totally agree, my phone is full of blurry snaps and it takes so much time which I often feel guilty for but it’s totally worth it! #thelist

  2. Haha love the thousands of blurry pics you don’t want to delete because they’re still of your precious kids! My boy always pulls silly faces too, he’s such a joker I can’t get him to do a serious shot for the life of me xo

  3. I love this Lizzy! I can relate to so much of it but especially the ‘giving me a purpose’ bit. Sometimes I bemoan blogging to my best mate, who isn’t a blogger. I’m like “Why do I keep doing it?!??” or some other stupid thing and she generally reminds me “because it gives you a purpose and something to do”. Not that I don’t do other things but some how blogging pulls it all together, you know?!

    Anyway, lovely post! thanks for linking up to #TheList xxx

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  5. Before I started blogging I was a little lost, lost in the exhaustion of being home with small kids & had kind of lost my identity abit. Blogging helped me work out my thoughts & motivated me to become to best woman I can be, a work in progress, of course! xo

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