BEING INTENTIONAL – Free the ‘To Do’ List

Every feel like you sinking amid a sea of chores?

Either that or your mind has temporarily shut down awaiting another shipment of sanity (it comes in on Fridays I find)!!

Is the To Do list that’s meant to help you trapping you in your day?

Do the words ‘organised’ or ‘organisation’ send you into panic, or sound too great a task when you’ve been up in the night with the kids?

Laundry, washing up, unloading the dishwasher, packing away clothes, cooking, tidying up,  supermarket shopping, posting letters, paying bills, GP appointments & such? (The list could go on…)

How can we stay on top of our ‘daily grind’ while still enjoying the little things that come our way that are to be enjoyed & savoured?

I believe it’s important to be intentional with our day.


  • a bucket list
  • a ‘To do’ list
  • Must Do!
  • Be organised
  • Goals
  • Busy Bee List

Having a TO DO list to some people sounds too much, like we have to be mega organised & a slave to the list, as if we have to have all of our ducks in a row or everything else falls apart. As a mum I know the pressure all too well. After all hasn’t someone who is home all day got nothing but time to get everything done? (I’m intentionally not answering that one).

I believe the To Do list is our friend but if we could just change the emphasis to “BEING INTENTIONAL” it sheds a slightly different light on it.

Today I intend to:

Do the laundry

Tidy up

Go to the park

Post a birthday card

I think it changes the feeling behind it because the intention is there to do something, but there isn’t the pressure ‘to do’ it.

If you intend to do something but for some reason the day gets away from you, it’s okay, you haven’t failed, you CAN intend to do it again tomorrow.

Don’t be afraid to move a task from today’s list onto tomorrow’s.

By taking the pressure off, the list is free to be what it’s there for, a tool to help you in your day.

Free to To Do list! Be intentional with your day. Don’t miss out on the good stuff by being wrapped up in your To Do list today.


Lizzie XO


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