Blog Birthday & Redesign!

Hey friends,


As I approach my Blog’s first birthday, I think back on the year since last August & my favourite posts & things that have happened.

Firstly my most important post.  So far it’s my most nerve wracking post too, my Guest Post for 365 Pearls of Wisdom.  It’s the first time I’m totally up front & honest about how things are for me sometimes & that got me a little bit shaky! I also gave someone else the authority over my words! Seeing as I’m not too hot at giving up control it was a great experience & one I’d love to repeat.  Sometimes giving up control is the only way to move forwards.

Blogging certainly brings things out of you I didn’t even think of.  I go through life pretty much never asking for help with anything.  It’s something I’m working on.  We’re a ‘dig your heels in & get on with it’ kind of family.  But blogging, like life, cannot be done on your own.  No man is an island.

I’m thankful I met Karen quite early on in my blogging journey (Karen blogs at 365 Pearls of Wisdom), an online friend turned real life friend. Our meet up’s with our kids have encouraged me when others didn’t understood what I do this for & her willingness to share her ideas always gives me inspiration.


Karen with SB // Instagram 365 Pearls of Wisdom

Second up, this post about Christmas was important for me.  Read my post & see what you think!  I was over the moon (& speechless) when my Church asked to share this on their FB page.  Coming out of your shell definitely has it’s positives & that was so encouraging for me.

Of course, I’ve enjoyed documenting some of the lovely, positive things I do with my sweet kids/little family.  They really are the jewels in my crown & I couldn’t be prouder to be his wife & their Mum.


Our family holiday to Cornwall

Realising what my passions are through this blog has been really eye opening! Instead of trying to make my passions into something they’re not, I’ve realised where my heart really lies.

Firstly Faith.  This will always be top of my list!  When ever I think about what to write about, I ask the big man upstairs for His input.  That is why I sometimes sit down to write about a home makeover or a recipe & something else comes pouring out instead. Like this post.

Second, my home.  I thought I wanted my kids to feature predominately in this blog.  But as much as they’re my passion, I will mostly be writing about Faith & Lifestyle, & that may sometimes include my children.

I think the thing that has most surprised me with writing this blog would have to be finding my voice.  I never knew I had a voice until I started this blog.  I believe (now) that everyone has a voice, whether someone is advocating for you somehow or you have a little slice of the www like I do.

Instead of being shackled by anxiety, social anxiety & the stresses & strains of family life, I’ve found it freeing to write about it & share it instead.  I’ve also loved & been encouraged by reading other people’s blogs.  We’re all in this life together, so let’s encourage each other.

My heart is always to encourage others, & sometimes that means sharing painful or deep things.

I think that real positivity comes from speaking out Truth & sometimes (when it’s wise) to make ourselves a bit more open & vulnerable, so that we can move forwards together.  I really hope that my journey might encourage you in yours.

So I’ll leave you with this picture, I was looking at my silver bangle earlier & it reminded me of the bends in the road along life’s path.  Did I start this blog with God in mind, to share my faith? Hand on heart probably not because believe it or not I’ve always been quite quiet about that, but that’s where God has led me with it & I’m thankful for it.

bend in the road


I look forward to room & furniture makeovers too, talking about God, my family, my journey, hopefully edifying you & lifting you up & sometimes you may see the sweet gems too.  I will be sharing the things that bring me joy.  Being a radiator instead of a drain.  That hasn’t changed one bit.

Don’t forget to check out my main blog page to see my new Blog logo, isn’t it amazing?  With thanks to my creative friends Harry Llewelyn & Veronika Klinger.

Until the next time friends, it’s going to be a great new (blog) year!

Lizzie XO

6 thoughts on “Blog Birthday & Redesign!”

  1. Congratulations, Lizzie, on your ffirst year of blogging. It was special meeting up with you at the coffee shop a while back and also with your family at home around Christmas. Will continue to follow your blog and trust to meet up again along the way,…. David

  2. brilliant redesign and happy blog birthday. It is great that God is using you in the blogging world to share your faith. Everytime I think of giving up blogging, i get a little nudge or sign that makes me carry on and yet blogging has coincided with a period of my life where my faith has been at its weakest and so i haven’t really been able to share my faith much because there has been nothing to share – behind the scenes I’m still clinging on to threads of faith knowing once my faith was so strong. Here’s to the next year of blogging. xxx

  3. Hi Rebecca, I really appreciate you reading along with me. I have found this first year of blogging both exasperating & joyful! I think that’s the same as life really, it’s a journey! Do you know the parable of the mustard seed? I was reminded of it as I read your comment, our faith only has to be as small as a mustard seed. I don’t think you need to worry about sharing or not sharing your faith, that’s a really personal thing. If you ever want a chat direct you can e-mail me on Lizzie XO

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