Blogs I Love

Since starting this blogging journey I’ve linked up with some other beautiful bloggers out there.

I’ve made virtual friends with them if you will. This is a beautiful thing!

The blogging world is a hugely supportive one. A community really!!

The great thing about the blogging community is it’s so open. Mostly I find the posts so refreshing.

I follow other women, who like me, struggle with the juggle of life.

They have to juggle family, friends, kids, housework, social life, exercise, food shopping, paying bills, laundry & the other thousand things on our ‘to do’ list just the same as you or I do.

If you have a particular interest or need help with a particular issue, you can be sure someone else is going through it, & they’re blogging about it!

If you want to be encouraged, gain a positive attitude & knowledge that we all struggle with the same things in life, add them to your Bloglovin library today!

These are my particular faves:

Food And Motherhood

Sprinkle of Glitter
Hello! Happiness 
Fancy Ashley 
Kelly’s Korner 
The Good Life Blog


Have a great day friends.
Lizzie xx


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