Bonfire Night in the Country

Hey friends,

Nothing can beat Bonfire Night in the country.  I absolutely adore bonfire night, it’s one of my favourite things to look forward to each year and makes me feel so content.


It all goes back to my childhood, when I was 7 and still living in Dorset we went to a massive bonfire on a farm. I remember it being such an icy cold night, really clear with no clouds.  The cold air against my cheek in stark contrast to the amazing heat coming from the bonfire. You could see the stars in the midnight blue sky, they shone so brightly!

The hosts had wrapped baking potatoes in tin foil and put them around the base of the bonfire, it was a BIG bonfire, the crackle of the fire, the smell of the baking potatoes which we simply cut open and and ate straight out of the foil with butter; hot tomato soup in mugs, sparklers.  That my friends, was a good night.  One that has stayed with me all these years.

Does anyone remember the video’s we used to watch in school in the 80’s about making sure you hold your sparkler with a gloved hand? Well they were very effective and I still remember with horror the poor girl with her bandaged hand, so obviously it did a good job.

We made sure the kids were wrapped up warm and had their gloves on and had to hope they stayed on.  Master H’s gloves are sharks from Joules that my Mum got him for Christmas last year.

Bonfire Night Getting Ready

This year we had 2 bonfire nights which meant later nights than usual for our swet kids.  It was also the first time we took Master H and Little Miss to our local organised display Yeovil Fireworks Extravaganza 2015.Showground

I was really excited to go and loved bumping into our friends Roberta, Eddie, Miss F and Miss H and an old church friend Di.  As usual Jon saw 9,844,440 people he knew, he’s such a local lad.

The kids found the noise and sheer amount of people overwhelming and were overtired from the walk from where we had parked our car.  We only stayed for half of the fireworks which were amazing and started at 8pm, so it was a little disappointing but our kids are usually snoring by 7pm and paired with the previous late night it was never going to go with a bang, excuse the pun!

Anna and Elsa from Frozen were there at the Western Gazette stand, I thought the girls who had dressed up looked fantastic, thank goodness the queue wasn’t too big for a 2 year old girl who LOVES those princesses something fierce! She looked abit overwhelmed to be meeting her fave princesses.

On 5th November (actual Bonfire Night) we went to Jon’s parents and his side of the family all came out to celebrate with BBQ beef burgers, hot dogs, chicken burgers and a small bonfire, which gave off some tremendous heat after Steve (Jon’s dad) threw diesel on it to get it going!

Bonfire Night Bonfire

The kids loved being with their aunties Deb and Allison and cousins Liv and Nat.  We had fireworks and sparklers and called it a successful night.

Bonfire Hazy Bonfire Everyone Sparklers Harry and Grandad Harry and Mummy



What do you do for bonfire night, do you have any traditions or things you eat each year? For me the intimate family bonfire won the day.

Lizzie xo

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21 thoughts on “Bonfire Night in the Country”

  1. I remember that video! I’m still scared of sparklers! I love the idea of baked potatoes around the bonfire, I’ll be suggesting that for next year!

  2. Thanks for your comment Amy and for linking up to #CityCountryLife. It really is the simple things in life that we remember from our childhood, I want a baked potato right now! haha Lizzie xo

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  4. Yep! I remember that Video too! Gorgeous photos, especially love the images of the Fireworks. There were, no joke, about 500K people at the Battersea Park display which was magnificent but there was no way of getting as close as you did. Looks amazing #CityCountryLife

  5. How cute do you all look with your warm snugglies on – adorable! And that first image of the firework – wow – it’s a corker! #citycountrylife

  6. Oh this looks like such a wonderful night huni! I am not one for bonfire night really, having had horses all my life, fireworks = scared horses, so it was always a bit of a pain. So glad you had a fabby time. Thanks for linking up to #PointShoot xx

  7. Thanks Lucy, we had a much better time at the family event than the ‘main’ event, it was spectacular but a little too loud for my little ones. Thanks for linking up lovely xo #CityCountryLife

  8. Oh my goodness, and I thought there were a lot of people at the big fireworks display. Loved your photo’s too and loving our City Country Life series, its so fun. #CityCountryLife

  9. I must admit I do think we should just stick to the one night instead of the 3 or 4 it seems to be these days, it’s not fair for the animals is it? I do love a sparkler I have to admit. Thanks for the comment lovely xo

  10. You all looked like you had a great time, especially celebrating with your family. I love the picture from behind with the sparklers/bonfire illuminating the foreground, magical. Thanks for linking up to #WonderfulWeekends x

  11. Thanks Sarah, I remember being at Sydney Harbour Bridge at New Year and taking loads of photo’s only for them not to come out, so I was so chuffed that I didn’t take many and still got that photo which I thought was awesome! So glad you liked it. Thanks for stopping by Lizzie xo

  12. I absolutely love that top shot, I’m terrible at capturing fireworks so I am so impressed you caught that. How cute for your little one to meet Anna and Elsa I wouldn’t have expected that Bonfire Night and the girls really do look gorgeous. Looks like you all had so much fun. #brilliantblogposts

  13. Looks like a great Bonfire Night! We don’t have Bonfire Night in the USA… but we do have 4th of July which is always fun watching the kids light the fireworks and of course BBQ. I found you over at the #bestandworst linky.

  14. OOOO this made me all emotional for some reason hahahhaa I love bonfire night and all of those memories too, its such an exciting time of year and fires, food and fireworks are wonderful for everyone!!! I love your pics, captured it wonderfully x #bestandworst

  15. I’m the same as you had a blast as a child and have the best memories of going to the displays with my family. We missed a couple of years as my daughter a bit young but we took her this year. She was a bit scared but no tears! You look like you had a fabulous time with your family! I do remember that sparkler video too! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst xx

  16. Beautiful photos, I absolutely love fireworks night and we ended up going to a couple of different shows this year. Similar to you, we had to leave one early as they were taking so long and A got too tired! But the second one, he really loved and kept saying ‘Wow!!’. Thanks for linking up to #MarvMondays! Hope to see you again tomorrow. xo

  17. Ah it’s a special time when the kids are old enough for a proper fireworks display. I do enjoyed writing about bonfire night it’s the one night we get together ever year without fail. Loved it xo

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