Brit Mums Live You Blew My Mind

Well friends, the time has come to sit down & write all of my thoughts about the weekend that was Brit Mum’s Live.

It was, in one word, WONDERFUL.  I have made so many friends this weekend.

I have been blogging for nearly two years & in that time I have only ever met one other blogger in real life (& of course we are now firm friends Karen at 365 Pearls of Wisdom).  It appears there are more of us out there, that ‘get’ each other & the effort it takes to run a blog.

I started my weekend off on the train up to London.  I was going to get the Tube but I lost my nerve at Waterloo Station & caught a cab to The Hoxton, thankfully my cab driver was a super chatty nice guy & showed me some sights on the way & pointed out where the All Bar One was as we sailed past on our way to the hotel.

I walked into The Hoxton in Shoreditch.  Must have been the trendiest place I’ve ever been.  Super friendly people on the desk & even though check in wasn’t until 2pm (it was about 11.30am) they still checked me in because the room was ready.  Yay! Then I sat in the foyer with a glass of chardonnay & waited for the others to arrive. When I met Aby, Em, Amy etc we just clicked instantly.


Aby from You Baby Me Mummy

Em from Snowing Indoors


Amy from Mr & Mrs T Plus Three

We then headed to All Bar One for lunch to meet up with some other bloggers, some people already knew each other & there were lots of hugs, screams & smiles all round.  I met so many people & everyone was so lovely & really put me at my ease.  By the way All Bar One do really good food, the pulled pork burger was amazing!

After lunch we went to the venue.  I was blown away by The Brewery, such a chic, cool & light venue.  Lots of rooms to investigate but we started in a large room upstairs & we were all welcomed by the Brit Mum’s founders Susanna & Jen.

After the welcome we had an ice breaker which turned out to be a Guiness World Record attempt, wrapping the most mummy’s (in loo roll) with no significant gaps in 3 minutes! I was a mummy & ended up nearly hyperventilating because we had to wait for ages for the adjudicators to come round & I was so hot wrapped up in loo roll! Still we got it (the record was 50 we broke it by 1 person at 51, I like to think it was me).  I’m a world record breaker & I have a medal to prove it!

Then the conference started & I just took the whole thing quite slowly to make sure I wasn’t overwelmed.  Meeting people, chatting to brand reps, having my photo taken with the Twirywoo’s much to approval of my kids & Katy Hill who blogs at Katy Hills Blog who was just the sweetest.


Over the two days I went to workshops like ‘How Successful Bloggers Do It’, ‘My Child’s Digital Footprint’ & a ‘Pinterest’ workshop which I found so helpful.

Over the weekend I met some lovely people & had some amazing conversations including :

-Becca from Keeping up with the Joneses,

2 copy

-Lucy from Capture by Lucy,

-Michelle is the No. 1 Christian Blogger in the country & we had a lovely conversation about our hearts for women & being a voice for them, she blogs at Mummy from the Heart

-Emily from Tealady Mumbles is the sweetest girl & together we filmed our video log for Diary Dolls.

I spent lots of time wandering around & soaking up the atmosphere chatting to people as I went & the time went by so quickly.but I always felt part of the group & hung around at the meeting up points mostly with my new blogging besties Aby You Baby Me Mummy, Em Snowing Indoors, Katie from Pouting in Heels, Hannah from Mum’s Days, Michelle at Bod for Tea, Lucy at Mrs H’s Favourite Things, Katy at What Katy Said, Amy Mr & Mrs T Plus three, Katrina from Mum for Fun & Becca Keeping up with the Joneses.

Friday night was the BIB’s 2015.  I was rooting for my friend Aby to win but I know next year will be her year.  I think if anyone could get an award for Most Friendly Blogger it would go to Aby.

The conference ended on the Saturday with a select few bloggers chosen by Brit Mum’s to read out their own posts.  Twinkle Twinkle & Dear Elspeth really got me in the heart & I realised once again what a special bunch of talented people bloggers are.  I’m so happy to be a part of this amazing community.

Big thanks to Aby who convinced me to go & pretty much tucked me under her wing all weekend. She is a real gem!

Lizzie XO


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24 thoughts on “Brit Mums Live You Blew My Mind”

  1. You’re awesome! Was lovely to meet you. I was blown away by how beautifully and succintly you described you blog, still working on my soundbite! 🙂

  2. Darling I am so pleased to read that you had such a positive experience with Britmums – so incredibly proud of you for going and next year we’ll do one together! X x x

  3. Ah thank you my darling, you are so lovely. I am so glad you took me up on my offer, it was great to meet you and I am happy I now have another friend – you are fab (oh and you passed the induction of red lipstick! 😉 ) xxx

  4. Oh haha so pleased I passed! I think I looked quite good in lippy, shame it doesn’t stay on! Loved the whole weekend darling, thank you again xo

  5. It was lovely to meet you, Lizzie. What a whirlwind couple of days it was, eh? I’m going to need the rest of the year to recover from it!

  6. How did I miss this lovely Lizzie?! It was so fab to meet you, and do your lipstick! 😉 You should wear red more often…

    Really glad you decided to come as it was a wonderful weekend wasn’t it? xxx

  7. It was absolutely fabulous & so wonderful to meet you. I loved the lippy but it just doesn’t stay on me! Loved the whole thing. Next year? Xo

  8. I’m so glad you came lovely Lizzie because I was able to meet you! I loved chatting to you, and I’m so pleased you enjoyed yourself. It was a brilliant couple of days – though Twinkle Twinkle had me in pieces xxx

  9. Goodness me yes that one & Dear Elspeth had me sobbing. Can’t imagine how you felt though lovely. Can’t wait to meet up again some time, love my blogging friends so much xo

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