Celebrating motherhood in Cornwall

My Mother’s Day started off much like any other, Jon brought me up a cup of tea and a digestive in bed, then the kids, Harry & Katie, climbed into bed with us.  Katie hopped straight on the ‘big pad’ and Harry snuggled up with me.  Standard.

I don’t quite know how we managed it but these kids of ours are so loving and sweet.  They have their pickle moments for sure, and have me at my wits end at times especially when we’re trying to get out of the door in the morning for school and pre-school! Yesterday though as I took it all in, the little moments and the kisses and cuddles, I realised just how lucky I am that we are normal.  I had normal pregnancies, normal births, nothing out of the ordinary when they were babies.  I did have a touch of PND, which I dealt with as best I could.   So as they ran in shouting HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! before bounding on the bed and snuggling in, I realised again how fortunate I am that we are ordinary.  The normal, is so so special.  It’s a privilege to be normal and I know it.

This weekend also marked me and my little family celebrating me turning 40 (28th March), since my birthday is a Tuesday we decided to head to Cornwall to celebrate with my folks at the cottage.

Me and Jon went out for a grown up dinner on Saturday night to 2 Fore Street, well known for their fish dishes.  We had two courses and went to the pub for a nightcap.  We were home by 10.30pm and we still felt we’d had a cracking night out.

The next day we headed to Trengwainton Garden Cafe for lunch and a wander around their gorgeous gardens.  It was the perfect way to celebrate Mother’s Day and the sunshine and flowers were very welcome.

This was such a special weekend because my Mum is celebrating 40 years of motherhood, it was special to be with her as she reflected on the enormity of that, so we toasted each other with prosecco, she said happy birthday and I said thanks for having me!

Me and my beautiful Mum toasting each other and building each other up as women should! What a great role model!

Me and Jon out for our date night TOP / SKIRT

The sun shone all weekend, we had a great time and ate fry up brekkie everyday.  The prosecco gave me a bad head but I blamed my grumpiness on the clock change.  Happy Mother’s Day, lose an hour’s sleep! Grrrrr.


Much love

Lizzie xo

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