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Have you been to Frome lately? In a society where the high street is in decline, Frome continues to forge ahead, with more and more independent businesses are opening all the time. In fact, Frome is thriving and it’s been dubbed the Notting Hill of Somerset, but as my friend Nicky says ‘nah, Frome’s better’.


In Chat + Shop this week we’re chatting to Nicky Bragg AKA Fromie Gifts, Nicky is a indie cheerleader and champion of all things Frome. She’s a kindred spirit and #shopsmall fan, we bonded over a foamy coffee at Projects (dreamy) and a shared love of our county + shopping small indie businesses.

My aim is to showcase local makers and producers in a curated and modern way through my fabulous gifts boxes. which supports independent business in Frome,

Nicky Bragg

Founded in 2018, Nicky opened her small shop both online and at the bottom of Catherine Hill. Since then she’s established an exclusive niche in the market for The Fromie Gift Card, a legacy piece which can be used in 26 different experiential locations around Frome. From cocktails to crew cuts or coffees to camping she really does have Frome all wrapped up!

Talking to Nicky its clear she’s passionate about Frome, so I asked her what brings her joy about running Fromie Gifts and being a part of the Frome Community.

What brings me joy about what I do… I love being an active part of my local community of Frome, collaboration and connection are key for me so anything that helps me lift others up and shout about how great Frome’s small businesses are then I’m all for it! 

Nicky Bragg @fromiegifts


Fromie Gifts also serves corporations with bespoke or tailored gift boxes full of indie products. Get in touch with Nicky for more information.


My vision is to see Yeovil with the same community spirit and a Town Centre full of thriving small independent shops just like Frome. My new hashtag #BeYeotiful is part of that social media campaign. Here are just some of the indie brands I noticed when I was last in Frome in May 2022.

  • Projects Coffee (best foam, decor and atmosphere)
  • Dandy Lion (vintage clothes)
  • Bramble & Wild (flowers and plants)
  • Kobi & Teal (art and special gifts)
  • Frome Hardware (rope incense)

There are other places I’m dying to try, like Nook which looks so tempting on Instagram. There are so many independents you could spend a whole weekend and still have more to discover. I love buddha bowls and smoothies, there’s nothing like Nook in Yeovil yet!. I’d be downtown all the time and probably spend ages choosing what to have! Or I’d order my fav each time, there’s no in between with me.

Catching up with Nicky in Projects, just highlighted how much we need independent businesses to lead our high streets. The personality and energy they bring is what we need. I’m cheering Frome on and I hope you’ll support too.

Frome holds a monthly indie market The Frome Independent on the first Sunday of every month. See you there?

Check out Nicky’s website and @fromiegifts on Instagram account for more details about Fromie Gifts and The Fromie Gift Card!

Want to join in with Chat + Shop? Dm @lizziesomersetblogger on Instagram! And show your support to Nicky with a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “Chat + Shop with Nicky @fromiegifts”

  1. Nicky is incredible!!! Truly a champion of the Frome high street and looks after everyone in Frome ❤️

    I truly see Nicky as the heart of Independent in Frome and Fromie Gifts proves just that!

    Thank you for sharing this lovely interview and highlighting the best that Frome has to offer ❤️

  2. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. Nicky is someone I clicked with immediately, she’s so open, warm and empathetic. I love how she speaks up with a big heart and I truly wish for Frome’s indie magic dust to be sprinkled all over my lovely town, Yeovil xx

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