Are you choosing happy or self-destruct?

For more years than I care to remember I chose self-destruct.  Are you choosing happy or self-destruct?


I grew up in a loving, normal family unit, with two siblings and caring and supportive parents.  How is it even possible for a child to screw up so royally when everything was so good at home?

Because I craved adventure, I craved FUN, I craved MORE and I still do to this day, I want the greater measure.

The difference now is I am happy with my reality and I work hard towards my goals, rather than trying to make my life look like something it isn’t.  Authentic happiness is the best kind.


This is not a fairy tale, this is real life! And in the real world people don’t care who you hang out with, or what you wear.  The real world wants us to wake up and pay attention, because there’s deep work to be done and the work is on ourselves.


Whoopi Goldberg said the following words in Sister Act 2:Back in the Habit, “If you want to be somebody, if you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention”.


I loved that whole franchise didn’t you? Whoopi Goldberg in a nuns habit, with her street honesty and straight talking.  If we’re honest we all need that person who just looks us straight in the eyes and tells us how it is, how to be better.

Is it easy? Heck no.

But how hard is it in reality? I’ll be honest, some things will be easy.  Some realisations are just A-HA moments where you realise what an idiot you’ve been, have a laugh and then move on.  So we go for the easy wins first because others take deep, painful work.  Undoing a lifetime of belief and self doubt and replacing it with the truth is HARD deep work.

When our mind is in a depressed state it can feel impossible to choose happiness.  To be honest it can be hard just to brush your teeth. But every time I chose to haul my sorry self out of bed and at least go for a walk I won and depression lost.  We are warriors.

In my experience of depression and anxiety, there is always reprieve, there is always a break at some point.

Whenever I was well, whenever I was able I CHOSE TO BE CHEERFUL, and I committed to a lifetime of personal growth.  I realised its a journey not a destination.


Always do your deep work when you can, when you are well.  Feeling guilty that you can’t get your foggy, fuzzy brain to work and be happy just loads up more stress and hardship.Do you choose to be happy, or are you heading for self-destruct? #positivity #happiness

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