Christmas in pictures

Happy New Year friends!

I feel like I’m late (again).  Everyone got back into the blogging swing straight away and hit the ground running.  I’ll give myself a break seeing as it’s only the 6th January!

Christmas was awesome, every kind of awesome. Family, friends and food.  This Christmas was even more special as we celebrated our niece Emma’s 1st Christmas with us!

They say a picture tells a thousand words, so here are our family photo’s from Christmas 2015.


Mummy and Katie tutu

Mummy and Katie kisses

Mummy and Harry non posed

Incredible hulk

Harry holding Emma

Harry and Grandma

Jase pile of presents

Christmas lunch

Dad serving

Mum and Dad

Katie Floor

Emma parents special gift

Rosie scarf

Queen's Speech

Reading Peter Rabbit



Katie feet

I hope you had an amazing Christmas, we loved every minute.

Lizzie xo

8 thoughts on “Christmas in pictures”

  1. What a beautiful gallery of pictures. The smiles say it all! Glad you had a good Christmas and New Year. We did also and had fun decorating in our new home which we rent.

  2. Thanks Kathy, I had to cut the pictures down we took so many nice one’s on my new DSLR! Love my new camera, now need to work out how to use it properly. Happy new year to you and Craig xo

  3. Aw this is gorgeous, you look beautiful, you all do and there is so much joy and love in these wonderful pictures. Happy Christmas and New Year xx

  4. Great pictures! I’ve had a hard time getting back to blogging as well – decoded to post less this year but getting out of a routine means I’m struggling to get going full stop! Just want to sleep – lol.

    It looks like you had a fab time and hope your coming year is as blessed and happy. xx

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