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Welcome again to City Country Life // Christmas Style.  City Country Life is a series run by me and the adorable Becca from Keeping up with the Joneses.  We love where we live and between us we cover topics of interest with Becca giving the ‘City’ slant and me putting forward the ‘Country’ perspective.

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What comes to your mind when you think of style? Is it fashion? How you decorate your home?

Maybe you don’t think you have a style and look at magazines and think you can’t measure up.  I sometimes think that about Pinterest.  I have a board for Christmas related pins, decorated trees, home decor, food and drink.  Do I actually do any of it? If there’s a time to feel inadequate it’s at Christmas.

My home is not Pinterest worthy, believe me I do not live in a show home we’re just ordinary folk! But we love Christmas and dressing up our home, bringing out the same ornaments year on year, choosing new ones and adding the decorations my children make at nursery and school too.

Thrilled with the ornaments on my tree from the ornament exchange last night. So much fun!

Every year we bring out a long green garland and put it up our staircase, the Santa Express goes up in the Play Room.  Every year we bring out the Pottery Barn stockings.
So fortunate to have the space for a playroom Holly haul!Real holly from the lane by our house

I don’t have a separate set of crockery for Christmas. No special napkins or tablecloths.  Just the same tableware we have all year round.

The only adornments on our Christmas table that takes it beyond the norm? Christmas crackers and festive napkins.

I can’t be authentic with you and pretend I have it all together and perfect on Christmas Day.  I don’t even have the correct serving spoons or enough chairs for everybody.  Last year’s lunch at our house should have been sponsored by M&S food.

Our lives are not highly styled so why would I suddenly be styled for Christmas?  I do like a sparkly Topshop jumper though, on top of my usual Leigh jeans.  With a prosecco in one hand who needs more style than that?

It's Christmas party night


Our snow tipped tree last year was a £10 charity shop find.  Bet you’d never know.

Let me tell you how Christmas goes down in our home:

  1. Get up to madly excited children, hair wild, pyjamas with one leg up one leg down.
  2. Opening stocking gifts in bed, wrapping paper strewn everywhere, lots of laugher & bickering.
  3. Come downstairs to a normal brekky of Shreddies or toast (okay we might stretch to boiled eggs and soldiers).
  4. May or may not go to church
  5. May or may not go for a walk around the block
  6. Go to my Mum and Dad’s in our normal clothes, might slap on some lippy if I remember.
  7. Mum will serve up a fantastic 3 course lunch starting with Prawn Cocktail, then onto Roast Turkey and all the trimmings, pud will be a shop bought cheesecake and christmas pud with brandy butter.  We will all bring something to contribute.
  8. Queen’s Speech, no ‘big’ presents will be opened until after the national anthem.
  9. Open presents, kisses all round.
  10. Watch a film or Christmas telly before going home about 6pm because Mum wants to clear up in time for Downton and the kids are getting tired.

The thread pulling all of this together will be me annoying everyone by trying and failing to capture the special moments as they happen (hopefully with a new CANON EOS DSLR?) because my kids just won’t sit still.  The styled fashion will be festive pyjamas.

I can’t wait to have my family round to mine on Christmas Eve for our low key tradition chilli and jacket potatoes after the Crib Service at St John’s. I’ll share a Guiness with my brother Tom at The Armoury.  I can’t wait to cuddle my kids, and my baby niece Emma who was born in August.


I can PROMISE you there’ll be no perfect photo’s and it won’t be a perfect Christmas.  To be honest I don’t want to strive for perfection, I’m so done with that.  I have so much to be thankful for, I have a family who calls me ‘home’.  I love that we are ordinary people who don’t need the tree a certain way to make our day.

One day maybe a team will come round and transform my house into the perfect Christmas and trust me I would love that, and until then I’ll take the ordinary moments while I dream.

In the words of my favourite Nashville song, the most important thing is ‘I have a life that’s good’.  I know our day will be good too, with the people I love around me.  That’s my style.

Lizzie xo

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Lizzie Somerset


11 thoughts on “City Country Life // Christmas Style”

  1. Love this Lizzie….there is so much pressure at Christmas. My advice is keep it simple and enjoy being!

  2. I love your Christmas tree, it looks beautiful. Your Christmas Day sounds wonderful. We do presents before lunch, we sit down to present opening and a glass of something! We’re spending baby’s first Christmas at my Mum’s house this year, I can’t wait! I hope you and your family have a wonderful one 🙂 xx

  3. Gorgeous Lizzie, I love your take on Christmas Style and your description of Christmas Lunch is making me hungry 🙂 Our Christmas decorations definitely aren’t Pinterest worth either, with the children bringing home more and more decorations made at school but to us they are perfect! xx

  4. Before anything else – I love Nashville! I think I’m going to have to resort to Netflix because I can’t wait for the next season! Your tree looks amazing and such a bargain, we must get ours tonight. I’m letting go of the pressure I put myself under every year to have everything perfect. It never happens with three children so I might aswell just roll with it and enjoy the time instead of stressing! x

  5. This is last year’s tree as we’ve only just put this year’s up! We got a real tree this time so it looks completely different to last year. I’m definitely planning on a glass of prosecco this christmas day. xo

  6. Jon has ordered me Nashville Soundtrack for one of my christmas gifts, it includes the song above which I just love and grounds me every time I get ahead of myself. I’m hoping santa will bring me series 3 too! YES to letting go of pressure! Christmas is a time for us all to enjoy ourselves xo

  7. Love the sound of your Christmas! Although I was all about table decoration long before pinterest – when I was a kid we used to have 3 sets of candlesticks going down the table and a whole array of stuff going on round the room.

    The main thing I miss is my Mom’s nativity – she has all kinds of stuff: the wise men make a gradual journey until 12th night through the house and often have a ‘perilous’ journey e.g. they were attacked by a dragon one year!

    Thanks for hosting #CityCountryLife

  8. Love that you loved the style of a beautiful table before Pinterest. I love other people styling a table! Thanks for linking up again to City Country Life, myself and Becca love having you xo

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