Congratuations Meghan & Harry!

Wow what an amazing day for a royal wedding and I’d personally like to say congratulations Meghan & Harry!

The wedding of Ms Meghan Markle & Prince Henry of Wales

The sun shone beautifully on Windsor for the wedding of Ms Meghan Markle and Prince Henry of Wales.  Personally I watched the whole thing on Jon’s phone en route to Monster Jam in Cardiff.  The lady at the toll on the Severn Bridge watching it on hers.

I hope those of you that managed to watch in real time celebrated in your gardens and streets, I love to hear how people come together to celebrate events such as these as a whole country.

As always there were strong opinions coming from all different directions, the pastor spoke too long (I loved him), the dress was too plain (I loved it) and Meghan’s hair a little flyaway.

The things that struck me were different.  Here is a girl, born in L.A. into a completely different kind of family to our Harry’s. I saw such courage from Meghan yesterday, such poise, such elegance at such a time as this.

In 150 years, Meghan Markle’s family went from cotton slaves to royalty after gaining freedom in the U.S. Civil War.  Meghan’s mother, Doria Ragland, looked proudly on as her only daughter walked straight into the heart of the British Monarchy itself with her head held high, and for half of it on her own.  I cried happy tears when Prince Charles took her hand; and again when Harry gazed at her as he lifted her veil.

Read more about Meghan’s family history 

It’s not what we wear that truly matters is it? Most of us would look back at our own weddings and pick out the imperfections, the fact we would probably change our dress or choose differently, I know I would change the guest list and my veil was too big!

The most important thing is the LOVE, as was beautifully preached by Bishop Michael Curry the first the first black presiding bishop of the US Episcopal Church.  His passion for Jesus shone through.  They gave him a stage and he took it, some might say he OWNED IT, he did not steal the show, he preached the good news with passion.  I’ve since found out that he is a strong activist for civil rights and the LGBT community, everything Meghan & Harry chose showed their values as a couple, which I thought was beautiful.  I love a rebel in the church.

The Kingdom Choir sang Stand by Me which is a poignant and important song.  I’m sure many a wedding has included it;   Time Magazine says it like this “A song about enduring love, “Stand By Me” is, of course, a popular wedding tune. But for many, its lyrics also pack a deep political message. When “Stand By Me” first rose to popularity during the civil rights movement, it was used as a rallying cry for solidarity amongst people of color.”

Two young people who simply wanted to get married in front of their family and friends

Let’s not forget too, that this was a day about the love of two young people who simply wanted to get married in front of their family and friends and graciously allowed us to watch too.  Thank you to Amy Nelson over on Facebook for that comment of gold from across the pond.

It’s easy for keyboard warriors to tear down and rip apart every bit of the ceremony, I think the least we can do is not completely rip apart the chosen dress of dreams, beautifully designed by Clare Waight Keller of Givenchy. All the little details of the wedding dress of Meghan’s dreams.

I loved Meghan’s second dress too, designed by Stella McCartney.  The amazing thing about a wedding are the small details that are special to that particular couple.  We had a car theme for our tables; Rolls Royce, Bentley, Ferrai and so on, because our business is in cars! It’s the personal touches I love that tell a story about the couple that I love.

Congratulations to Meghan & Harry! The new Duke & Duchess of Sussex.

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  1. Yes, I loved their day too for all of the same reasons! Looking forward to many happy years for them!

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