Cut your morning makeup routine in half || 3D Brows with Faye Marie Permanent Cosmetics

They say that a goal is a dream with an end date.  Imagine a process that could cut your makeup routine in half.  It’s a life changing thought when you think about it.

My dream to have perfect brows came true when I rang Faye Marie Permanent Cosmetics.  I gave my dream an end date. After years and years of plucking and never getting the results I wanted I turned to the internet for help. Having searched for microblading in my area I came across Faye Marie Permanent Cosmetics who offered what I was looking for.



In case you don’t know, microblading is a cosmetic tattooing method which applies fine hair strokes to the brow giving it definition and shape.

Ringing Faye Marie was the best decision I could have made. You’ll be handled with care from the first second and your hand held all the way through.  Faye is super professional and kind; a perfectionist who takes the time to explain the different methods (she offers 4 types of treatments for brows).

Importantly for me Faye carefully advised me on brow shapes that suited me, rather than pushing a ‘super imposed’ celebrity brow that would look totally out of place on my face.

Having searched for microblading, Faye recommended a combined approach called ‘3D Brows’. This is a technique which uses the microblading method alongside a shading method to enhance shape and give definition – something my over plucked and sparse eyebrows definitely needed.

Faye gets rave reviews for her work on Facebook.  The website looks great too; professional and modern.

After learning about the other procedures that Faye Marie does I felt humbled after my first consultation.  It’s about so much more than makeup; this is self care.  And life enhancing medical tattooing is available for women who have alopecia, or have lost hair or nipples through cancer.


3D Brows – The Consultation and Procedure

At my first consultant Faye put my mind at ease.  Her warm manner is lovely and once she’d drawn the shape on my brows I was transfixed.  They far exceeded my expectations! Once I’d had a successful patch test, we were good to go ahead.

Procedure day came, and I was excited and nervous, unsure if the procedure would be painful as it’s a tattooing procedure that will last 3 years with annual boosts.

I needn’t have worried.  The process is simple.

Faye Marie put numbing cream on my brows while I filled in the paperwork.Then lying on the treatment bench I actually dozed off part way through.  At certain points I felt the tattooing, which was more of a scratching feeling than painful.

The whole process took around 2 and a half hours.

Then the moment when Faye handed me the mirror, I could have cried with happiness.  I had perfect brows.



I put an end date on my dream and set a goal. Faye Marie helped me smash that goal and I am ecstatic with my 3D permanent brows.The next day….when I realised I didn’t have do them, I felt relief.  To give yourself the gift of confidence is self care.  We mamas deserve to maintain and preen ourselves regularly!

On the first day I went out make up free, just lip balm and my new brows! The ‘before’ and ‘after’ pics are amazing – look closely at the healing photos.  Honestly, you can’t really see much of the healing unless you look really closely.



I can’t recommend Faye Marie Permanent Cosmetics enough, particularly for a 3D Brows treatment.  If you’ve been thinking about getting your eyebrows sorted, or any other kind of permanent cosmetics I recommend giving Faye a call.



Imagine if you could cut your makeup routine in half…

Watch the YouTube video to see my eyebrows transform from sad to fab!



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I tried a 3D Brows treatment to sort out my thinning eyebrows - Faye Marie Permanent Cosmetics were amazing - see how I got on! #beauty #brows #treatment



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