A day out at Wookey Hole Caves

Over the Easter break we were invited to Wookey Hole Caves to see what their day out is like.  I say this over and over again, “I can’t believe I have lived in Somerset for 31 years and I’ve not been to….”.  I  have never been to Wookey Hole Caves before, l was excited to go and take my little family with me.


Going in


Harry dinosaurs

The kids were really excited going into the attraction and as the dinosaurs came into view they were really amazed at it all.

dinosaur vale

overlookingWe headed up to the caves which I was a little apprehensive about, as a christian I don’t really like the idea of witches and didn’t know what to expect.  I found the caves to be amazing.  Really took my breath away, in a really good way.

As the tour guide started telling the story of the caves all I heard was a story of good triumphing over evil.  I found the experience to be deeply moving and I especially loved the colours in the caves, the waters, and the feeling of being in there.  My kids at ages 5 and 3 were the perfect ages to go into the caves, I wouldn’t have wanted them to have been any smaller.  The floor can be quite wet and slippery and uneven, so do bring sensible shoes to wear in the caves.

st michaels mount


caves 1



Cheese Turquoise

Cave Cheese

On our tour we saw a cave full of Wookey Hole Cave Aged Farmhouse Cheddar cheese! We love cheese in our family and eat it every day, the children have been brought up on mature cheese and Somerset makes the best cheese in my opinion.  Cheddar cheese from Cheddar can’t be beaten (and can’t be called cheddar!).

It was great for Master H and Little Miss to see the cheese in this way.  Maturing cheddar in caves is a technique that dates back over 500 years and it is a tradition that has been revived by PDO West Country Farmhouse Cheesemaker, Ford Farm.  They make all the cheese to traditional recipes by hand on the Farm and then transport it to Wookey for maturing.  The cave gives it a very distinctive, nutty and earthy flavour, we bought some Ford Farm cheese to take home in the gift shop.

green faces

The tour guide was fantastic, really informative and kept the tour moving at a good pace for us all.  We came out of the darkness into really bright sunshine which took awhile to adjust to, time for a snack.  Master H and Little Miss opted for a slush puppy instead which they shared.

slush puppy


The grounds are really magical and a mixture of caves, whimsical areas, dinosaur vale, the witches lab which we avoided, soft play area with restaurant, circus, old fashioned arcade, circus museum, and outdoor crazy golf area.  We spent 5 hours and ended up with a Marshfield ice cream at the end.

We had a great day out at Wookey Hole Caves and would definitely go again.  Highlights were the caves for me, and the soft play for the kids.

We hit the gift shop and bought way more than we normally would, a pouch of treasure, jelly beans, Ford Farm Cheese and some cider for Jon.

cheese 4

We would thoroughly recommend it for a family day out in Somerset.

wookey hole collage 1

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14 thoughts on “A day out at Wookey Hole Caves”

  1. Thanks for the wonderful trip round Wookey Hole. Brings back a few childhood memories for sure. Of course, it was not so developed then as a visitor’s discovery centre. Thought you might like to know about Preditos. Very creative arts and crafts etc. https://www.preditos.com/

    Take care…. David

  2. Wookey Hole Caves is a Somerset classic… Have you tried Cheddar Gorge Caves? That’s another good day out with children! We are big cheese fans in our family too, particularly handy basis to lots of recipes when feeding a vegetarian, not sure what I’ll do if she ever turns Vegan!! xxx

  3. The lit caves look fab – can see why they took your breath away. And while I’ve heard of Wookey Hole I never realised what it was! (I’ve not been either as you might be able to tell!!) Thanks for hosting #citycountrylife xx

  4. How can you not have been there? 😛
    I LOVE Wookey Hole, it’s got so much there now. Did you try the 4d cinema?
    Sarah xx

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