Design inspiration for our home office nook

When it came to designing my office nook, of course I turned to Pinterest for inspiration.  As you can see I have a recurring theme in all of my pins on my Office Nook Board.  Much like my kitchen of dreams, the office nook has a lot of white furniture and is quite open with the storage element and little feminine touches with plants, pictures and pen pots.

I’ve actually had my office in-situ for awhile now.  But every time a celebration or holiday comes along it also doubles up as an extra storage facility. Does this happen to you too?

The same happened again with Christmas and it’s literally taken until mid February to get it straight again.

Furniture and soft furnishings…

I bought my curtains from Next as I find them really easy to buy from, I love their click and collect service, although with the traffic situ in Yeovil recently I must admit to splurging on delivery to save myself the woes of sitting in a jam.

We decided on IKEA for the desk and storage boxes; these hold our gifting supplies, cards, wrapping etc.

Obviously, this is also where I do most of my writing, I will admit to sitting in front of Netlix and The Crown while tapping away too some evenings!

Me and Jon recently decided that my little office nook would become our joint office space.  This meant accommodating his needs too.  So I’ve made room for his pc and keyboard and printer and moved all of the Christmas decs away for the year, finally!

It actually feels great to share this space with him, he’s usually knee deep in oil at our family run garage in Yeovil wearing overalls like these versatile overalls from Engelbert Strauss; but getting him to voice his input into our joint workspace has been great for him too.  It feels much less indulgent to share and much more homey somehow.

Do you have an office nook and do you share it with others in your family?

I could literally sit on Pinterest for hours designing my whole house, I think in my dreams it would all be white, but with two young children, maybe not so realistic.

Written in collaboration with Engelbert Strauss.  Thank you for supporting the brands I work with, it means the world.

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