Disney on Ice at the O2 London

If you saw Instagram Stories recently, you’ll have noticed that I was at Disney on Ice at the O2 London with Jon and the kids!

Disney on Ice at the O2, London - Minnie and Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy on an ice rink

We had a suite (box for VIP’s) and popcorn, sandwiches and cupcakes with Disney character rice toppers on! Bright and colourful; we loved them. Katie ate approx 5 cupcakes and a ton of popcorn, I’m surprised she wasn’t sick on the way home. Also surprised that I didn’t notice…


The reason we were at the Disney on Ice show is because of BritMums.  As a columnist we’re given opportunities from time to time – something I’ll really miss about working with them.  Writing the ‘Inspirational’ column for the last year has been amazing.

This was a last hurrah!  And what a special one.

You may not know this about me but I love ice skating.  Ever since Torvill & Dean made their comeback to go for gold at the Winter Olympics in 1984, it set off a dream in me…I wanted to glide on the ice and be graceful, just like them.

As a teen, I worked my butt off to earn money as a waitress – which I wasn’t very good at!  I kept forgetting the teaspoons with the tea…  And I broke a couple of cafetière too.  One time I dropped a whole pavlova flat on the floor.  Luck was on my side and it landed plate side down.  It cracked straight through, and the pavlova was saved.  Miracles do happen.

I was good with people though – always have been. Every week I’d save all my wages and tips which were generous…and spend it on lessons at the rink in Bristol.

Having always been quite determined and independent even as a young girl, I caught the train to Bristol Temple Meads and then the bus to Fishponds.  Yup on my own. I had a yellow Walkman with a mix tape…. same tape every week…Neneh Cherry, Dina Carroll, Take That, Sade…amongst other 90’s hit makers.

My teacher, whose name escapes me now, was a trained ice skater, I think she may have even been to the Olympics, or I may have made that up in the mists of time.

Pulling on my white ice skates always sent a frisson of excitement through me…that first glide onto the ice….I can’t explain the feeling.  After lots (and lots) of practice I managed a decent glide and a passable jump or two.  I loved every minute of the 30 minute lesson, which always went far too fast.

It was so different to what all of my friends did for fun…it felt….like I was leading the way somehow.  Does that make sense? What do you like that no-one else likes doing? Or would even think of doing?  It’s a thrill to feel alone in something exciting. It was my secret and I hugged it to myself. Now there’s a name for it: ‘JOMO’ –  the joy of missing out…on what everyone else is doing, and just doing what YOU want to do because it brings you to life.

That feeling is priceless…

And now, in 2019, ice skating has caught up with me again. The invite to Disney on Ice was just as much fun for me and Jon as it was for the kids.  As country bloggers we don’t see many opportunities like that around these parts.

To be treated for the day, by our hosts Ocean Florida, was incredibly kind.  The suite had Ocean Florida brochures that made our eyes go wide like saucers; Florida villas with pools, and cruises to make you feel like a celeb on hols.

It’s made us take a second look at holidays in USA as we’d discounted it as too far to fly with the kids, instead staying in the safe zone of Spain and a 2-hour flight. I’ve got Florida firmly in my sights again as a holiday destination.

Sharing the gorgeous day with two other bloggers and their families..Dave from the Dadventurer and Kara from Chelsea Mamma and Sabrina at Ocean Florida, Louise at Prior PR. Thanks to you all and Britmums for the opportunity to reignite a passion I’d forgotten about.

Dancing on Ice coming back on our screens is not a coincidence…did you see Didi dance to Grease? I loved that! Jason’s comments were awful; is he trying to be Simon Cowell of the ice world? Nah huh. Not.a.fan.

I’m huge fan of Disney on Ice at the O2 though, they gave us an unforgettable family memory and I’m not ashamed to admit I shed a tear.

Disney stories retold on ice… magical!

We went to London's O2 arena to see the spectacular Disney on Ice show! #Disney #familydaysout

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