At Home for Easter

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We’re home people.  Our ideal family days are spent at home or close to home, in the garden, park or just pottering around, chilling out at home.  We appreciate the simple things in life and being together.

I know some like to go away at Christmas and Easter and we almost never go away at these times preferring to rest while we can from the busyness of life, running our own business and the many hats I wear too.

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Our plans are always simple and easy for the holidays; an Easter egg hunt and picnic are about as elaborate as we get at this time of year.  Little Miss didn’t want to wait to eat the chocolate eggs though!  My boy however loved searching the house for eggs and collecting them in a basket.

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One thing I do love is decorating my dresser I picked up on ebay for £80 and painted in Farrow & Ball.  It brings me lots of joy to decorate my dresser differently all year round depending on the seasons.  Finding little bits and bobs to make it look pretty and inviting.  I love pottering round vintage and charity shops finding steals and bargains.

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My Mum gave us this egg cup isn’t it cool? I simply popped in a chocolate egg, I love the chicks face and the colours.

I like simple and vintage design on my dresser and the The Ashley Thomas At Home crockery and towels we’ve used as the basis for this Easter really added some colour and style to our Easter inspired picnic.

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Since rain and high winds called off our picnic outside in the garden, we decided to have a rug picnic instead and used the Deckchair Beach Towel from the Ashley Thomas range at Debenhams.  The bright and cheery design was perfect for Easter inspired snack time inside.  I especially loved the floral pattern giving it a spring/summer feel even in this awful weather.

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Little Miss unwrapped 8 eggs and took one bite out of each can you tell she is 3?  Butter wouldn’t melt.

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I was really happy with how my simple Easter turned out so beautifully!

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Cereal Bowl // Mug // Dinner Plate //Dessert Plate // Beach Huts Towel // Beach Deckchair Towel

Do you go all out for the big holidays? We’re having an egg-cellent Easter so far and hope you are too.

This post was written in collaboration with Debenhams and contains affiliate links.





5 thoughts on “At Home for Easter”

  1. Your house looks so pretty! My mum has a beautiful Welsh dresser that she dresses up and it looked lovely with her Easter tree and bunting this year. We don’t go far from home either but our three couldn’t wait to get stuck into their eggs! x

  2. Easter at your home looks lovely, the decorations are beautiful!! I’ve always wanted a welsh dresser, you’ve inspired me and I’m off to search eBay! Not sure where it’s going to go though……….
    Becca xx

  3. Mine is a small dresser, it was a real find and only down the road so I was able to view before winning it and we collected. It was so nice being home over easter xo

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