Centre Parcs Longleat Forest Review

Hey friends,

Just before Christmas I had a brainwave, I decided to embrace the winter break.  My bestie Roberta & I had been to Centre Parcs Longleat Forest for a Spa Day at Aqua Sana & I loved it.  I know I can feel a little bit deflated in January & it can seem as if the year is stretched out before me.  So to combat this I put it to Jon to book a winter break at Centre Parcs Longleat Forest, something we’ve never done before.  I never thought that going on holiday in the cold would offer me what I needed.

Centre Parcs Kids


We found a great deal online as we can still go on holiday during school term, it was around £300 & we booked a 2 bed executive style forest lodge for a 4 night break in January, it’s honestly the best thing we could have done.

  • Firstly we tend to take our holiday in Cornwall which is a good 2-3 hour drive, Longleat is a 45min to 1 hour drive from our house. It was the shortest & sweetest drive we’ve ever done.
  • Secondly, Centre Parcs would be amazing any time of year, but going in January when everyone else was getting back into work mode felt indulgent.  It was quiet, great value (normally 3 times the price) and it got us outside being active when we’d normally have been sat inside.
  • The third & most important factor was that we would be together & since we’re better together we were hooked on this place that allowed us breathing space to just be us.

When we got to Centre Parcs I was so struck by the forest, huge tall pine trees, thousands of them on a 400-acre estate.  I love pine trees.  It felt like we were a million miles from home, in a really, really good way.

Our lodge was perfect, two bed, modern, light & airy.  All on one level so totally kid friendly.  We were happy unpacking & the kids ran around the rooms squealing.

Centre Parcs Lodge

Centre Parcs Cosy Fire

Why we loved our Winter Break at Centre Parcs Longleat Forest:

  • We felt like we were on an adventure with no set plans, going for a walk felt like we were being active & sporty
  • Prosecco/White Wine/Beer every night, we took our own!
  • Watching ‘Winter Watch’ on BBC , kids in bed,  wine/beer & a cosy fire
  • The Swimming Pool (the only activity that was free!) is quite a highlight
  • The Jardin Des Sports Bar with soft play area (a pub where they come serve you at your table & the kids can play AND they have balloons??? win/win/win all  round!!!)
  • The kid friendly restaurants/Eating out
  • ‘Treats’ sweet shop (daily top up of PEZ sweets)
  • The walks/forest scenery
    • Biking (loved it!)
    • The deer outside our window/being with nature.

Centre Parks Jardin des Sports


Centre Parcs Adventure

I haven’t ridden a bike in years, it’s something Jon has wanted us to do together for ages as he’s such a keen biker & although I was shaky at first I soon got into it!  We hired a trailer which the sweet kids sat in & we cycled for about 4 miles, up & down terrain & over wide boardwalks.  I only crashed once, into a fence but no harm done!

Centre Parcs Bike Confidence

Centre Parcs Biking Adventure

Centre Parcs Biking

We ate out twice & ate in the other two nights, it was a good balance for us as the restaurants are not cheap.  We loved Hucks the best, it had a great American diner vibe, kid friendly buffet & a soft play area.  The night we ate there we stayed 2 hours, I think it’s the longest we’ve ever been in a restaurant with the kids before.

Centre Parcs Dexters

Dexters Kitchen

Centre Parcs Pancakes

The Pancake House

We decided not to put the kids in the Creche or do any extra activities, they would have incurred extra cost & we were really happy just walking, cycling, swimming, eating & drinking!

Have you ever been on holiday in January?  We loved our winter break & we’ll definitely go away in January again.  We loved Centre Parcs Longleat Forest too.  If you’ve been to Centre Parcs what did you think of it?

Going away in January is the perfect way to start the year.

Centre Parcs Nature

Until the next time friends, have a great day!!!

Lizzie XO


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  1. Thanks Mich! I recommend getting away in Jan, it will be harder now my eldest is due to start School in Sept so I’m glad we went while we could xo

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