Face Time 001

Hi friends,

Happy friday!  How are you all today? Welcome to my first Face Time 001.

I decided to do this Face Time each week so we can really keep in touch. I feel sometimes that the heart behind my words are lost in translation and that maybe I share too much of my sparkly life rather than the mundane. I want nothing more than to be well rounded. So my vlogs will be unedited, probably after a windswept school run like todays! Well friends I want you to know the real me, the imperfect Lizzie with frazzled hair, she is REAL!

I really want a community on here too, a place we can discuss real issues that real people face.

I hope this vlog gives you a insight into my life and thoughts.  Please do let me know what is in your heart and mind today too in the comments below.




Lizzie xo


2 thoughts on “Face Time 001”

  1. Thanks Rebecca I’ve been challenged recently to be more real on the blog and this is really (really) me. Thanks so much for watching it! I didn’t think anyone would xo

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