FaceTime 003

Hey friends,

I hope you’re having a good day.  This is FaceTime 003, a chance to see the real me and how I am and what I’m doing.  No editing, no make up touch up’s, just me as I am.

I don’t know about you but I’m still reeling from the attacks in Paris.  It just seems hopeless when people can’t go out on a Friday night in freedom for a bite to eat and watch a gig.  What have you been thinking or feeling this week?

I have been really in awe of those who have spoken about their lost loved one’s, not with hatred for the people who did this, but speaking of life and living it to the full.  I think that’s a cue for us too, to continue and to love and laugh.

Here’s my 3rd FaceTime I hope you’re enjoying seeing the real me.

Much love

Lizzie xo

4 thoughts on “FaceTime 003”

  1. This is such a great idea to do a video – it makes me feel like I know you much more!

    I grew up going to church but fell out of the habit when I had Katie because I found it a bit stressful – I went to quite a formal church. I keep meaning to check out one that’s a bit more family friendly but somehow haven’t gotten round to it :/ Church’s do provide great support but yes, a think a big part of the Christian journey is being vulnerable! Could go all theological about this (that was my degree!) but hope you have a thought provoking Sunday and a chilled out weekend xx

    PS I will totally do my best to take part in the linky!!

  2. Sorry I didn’t link up this week, I had intended to but ended up not blogging at all. I was really hit hard by the Paris bombings, I spend a lot of there studying French history and some of my friends live in the area affected. I’m planning on getting back to posting this week though. Hope you are having a good weekend, we are spending ours the same, some long walks with the kids and snuggling up by the log fire 🙂 x

  3. I think the attacks have affected us all Amy, and it’s no worries at all that you didn’t link up! It has to work for you. Looking forward to having you again soon though. Why don’t you write about your feelings? Would be great to hear your point of view. Much love Lizzie xo

  4. Hi Laura, my sister Rosie did theology, I went to church this morning and they talked a lot about wholeheartedness and being vulnerable with someone you trust. Brene Brown’s TED Talk was talked about, have you watched it? As for family friendly churches Vineyard tend to be good 🙂 do you have any friends who go to a church you could try out? Always scary walking in somewhere on your own, I find 🙂 Have a great week Lizzie xo

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