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Following on from my last post about my uncle who is a British farmer, (Take a Moment – Fair Trade for British Farmers) it has come to my attention that I’m certainly not the only person who cares about the fact our farmers are making a loss on every pint of milk they produce.  We need a minimum price for milk paid to our British farmers.

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A petition was shared on Facebook by my friend & farmer Em which I signed & shared immediately.  It is urging the Government to ensure a minimum payment to our farmers for the milk they produce.

I’ve seen a heartfelt letter shared on Facebook & spoken to Mum’s at the preschool gates about it.  It is so frustrating that consumers & the every day person want to see farmers paid a minimum price but feeling unable to do anything about it.

Signing the petition is something we can do & literally takes seconds.  If you think it’s not right that a farmer should make a loss on every pint of milk they sell, please sign this petition & spread the word amongst your friends & family.

We need the Government to know that we care about our farmers, these are hard working people who invest so much time, money & energy to maintain our British countryside & provide us with home grown produce.


Sign the petition here:


Also please look out for the British flag on the products you buy in the supermarkets, buying British drives up demand & therefore a better price for the producer.


Photographs used with kind permission from Sam Loder

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