A Family Bristol City Break – fun things to do in half term!

We went on a family Bristol City Break in half term and had a fantastic time, which just shows, you don’t have to go further than your own doorstep. Bristol is amazing, and only an hour away.

The Hotel

We stayed at the Marriott on College Green and loved the hotel on arrival. Our room was perfect with two double beds, a fridge, TV, and proper bathroom. We used the indoor heated pool, and there was parking on-site.

The Science Museum

Family Bristol City Break - We The Curious, Bristol science museum

Harry had been on about going to the science museum, We the Curious, for ages. It was incredible. Jon paid for tickets to the planetarium shows, I really recommend you splash out extra on these. It’s an additional cost on top of admission, and so worth it. I think he paid £3.50 each and we did two different shows. I won’t spoil it for you, but just trust me. Do it!

The Food

We spent the whole morning there, did one show. Then we had a break and headed to Zsa Zsa Bazaar which is an incredible mix of buffet food stations with food from around the world: Indian, Asian, English, Tex Mex, Noodle Bar, the list goes on. It was great to go somewhere we could all eat as much as we wanted and go back and try new things. The kids loved it!

The Zoo

Spending the Friday evening at Bristol Zoo for the Friday Twilights was a highlight. We all enjoyed the atmosphere of being in the zoo after hours, and the family vibe was lovely. We enjoyed food in The Hive cafe courtesy of Compass. Music played on the lawn while families threw picnic rugs down on the grass and chilled.

Jon and the kids did ZooRopia, which they loved! Harry got stuck part way round. His hypermobility means he gets tired easily, and I think his little body was exhausted. The staff were incredible and Tom shimmied round and helped Harry for the majority of the course. Thank you to ZooRopia for your incredible kindness to Harry and not making him feel silly that he couldn’t do it all by himself. I know now, that if we’d highlighted Harry’s issue earlier, he would have been supported anyway.

On Saturday we met family at Noah’s Ark Farm and honestly, it’s not my kind of place at all. The kids enjoyed the indoor soft play, but there was something about the vibe I didn’t like this time.

We enjoyed seeing family of course! And having a picnic.

The Best Time!

Returning to the Marriott we treated ourselves to a proper steak dinner in the restaurant …….. where we also had a fantastic buffet breakfast each morning. Hello! Stackable pancakes, come to mama!

The steak was incredible! All 4 of us loved the relaxed atmosphere in the restaurant, overlooking the church on College Green. It reminded me a lot of New York hotels that I’ve stayed in.

We returned home the next day feeling amazing, we needed that successful trip on home turf to get our confidence back.

Suffice to say we loved our family city break in Bristol and can’t wait to return, there’s so much to see and we were blown away by the culture on our own door step.

We had a family city break in Bristol, Somerset, UK - there was so much to do! Lots of family fun in Bristol #Bristol #Somerset #UKDaysOut

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