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Hey friends,

Welcome to another edition of Feast & Ferret with the addition of lots of great tips to save a pumpkin soup.


This week’s feast was almost a disaster! The other week I made a triumphant pumpkin soup by simply roasting chunks of pumpkins, roughly cut onion and garlic I crushed under the flat side of a knife. Roasted in olive oil in the oven for about 40 minutes, then boiled in a saucepan with 1 litre of stock. Simply blitz with a hand blender and et voila!

I followed the exact same process the other day so I could have soup for lunches and photograph it for this post too. Well, the soup came out totally tasteless, well not totally, it tasted a lot like garlic and nothing else!

It could have been because the pumpkin had been chopped and frozen, a lot of water came out in the cooking process that I had to tip away as the veg looked soggy and sorry for itself and I like that roasted, charred flavour, did I tip the flavour down the drain?

I sought advice on Facebook and loads of you suggested spices and ingredients that go well with pumpkin to try and turn it around…

  • Clare Dowding suggesed “Lemon Pepper, extra garlic, sweet potatoes”
  • Amy Nelson said “Curry, curry and pumpkins are my favourite”
  • My sister Rosie said “Medium curry powder and coconut cream”
  • My sister in law Deb suggested “Curry is great! Cinnamon, nutmeg and chilli go well”
  • Clare Mansell from Maybush Studio offered this perspective “Pumpkins around Halloween are ALWAYS tasteless and flavourless, it’s cause they aren’t grown for eating. Try butternut squash!” I hadn’t even thought that the pumpkin could be tasteless due to the time of year.
  • Isabel Scollen said “The stock you use makes a big difference the knor stocks are the best and tasty: try this, fry the onion and the galic with a bit of olive oil first, then place the pumpkin, melt the veg or chicken stock cubes not the pouch one:) with a little bit of boiled water and mix it, then add a bit more water not a lot and a tiny bit of salt not much because you already will have salt in the cubes enjoy”
  • Leigh Kendall of Headspace Perspective suggested ” Try cumin or garam masala”
  • Becky round said “I did the same but added chilli, also nice to add carrot and apple! “
  • Heather Barry said ” Add a little chilli powder “
  • Dawn Wilson suggested “Curry and coriander! Carrot and cream also”
  • Vanessa Smith said “paprika”
  • Corrie Baker said “Cinnamon and cook/reduce it for another hour. Worcester sauce is also good or a sprinkle of gravy granules. You will get depth of flavour by adding your spices when you roast your veg first along with long reduction time.”
  • Ely Waller suggested “All spice and chilli is good for a bit of heat and sweetness”
  • Stacey Gallagher said ” Add some cream, coriander and curry powder”

I had to go with what was already in my cupboard so I reduced the soup down again and added curry powder, chilli powder, and cumin.  It is HOT people.  I hope you like your soup hot.  I’ll definitely be investing in coconut milk/cream.

I so appreciated all of your suggestions and Feast & Ferret is saved as I would never share a recipe that wasn’t successful! This one is definitely a team effort.

FERRET // Water Bobble

On my girly weekend away with Corrie and Lynne to the Gin Festival I noticed Corrie had a really cool water bottle, it has a filter in the lid which filters your tap water as you drink it, I thought that was a great idea as I loved filtered water.

Corrie had a pink one and she takes it everywhere with her.  Seeing at she jets all over the world on business it clearly holds up well which sold it to me!  Bobble also sell sports bottles in really cool colours!  I’ve had my purple one for awhile now and I love it.

If you like fresh, filtered water and are constantly on the go this product could seriously help you out, I love mine and there’s nothing like a friend recommendation.

IMG_9572 IMG_9574

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Feast & Ferret.  Have a great weekend y’all.

Lizzie xo



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9 thoughts on “Feast & Ferret”

  1. I’m getting up from this computer now to take the half a pumpkin I have lurking in the fridge (from Halloween!) and make that yummy soup. Thanks for the inspiration x. #MarvMondays

  2. I absolutely love those Bobble bottles, really need to get one for myself! And fab idea asking Facebook for ideas to spice up your soup, I’d never thought of that but some of those suggestions sound great. Thankyou for linking up to Marvellous Mondays, hope to see you again next week! Kaye xo #MarvMondays

  3. Yum! Isn’t this just the perfect time of year for soup? Love pumpkins and use them in my weekly vegetable roast tray almost every weekend and there’s usually some left over so will be giving this a go. You’re a genius for asking Facebook for advice too – don’t you just love social media! Thanks so much for linking up at #sharethejoy x

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