Feast & Ferret

Hi friends,

I love a Feast & Ferret, I adore great food, drink and gems from the shops either virtual or high street!

This week I thought I’d show you what I love most at Christmas! There’s nothing like festive food and drink to make you feel cosy and fill up your festive love tank.


I prefer mulled cider to mulled wine, red wine gives me a headache although I love the taste and smell of it.  Mulled Cider is a must for us really seeing as we’re from Somerset from which THE best cider is made, hands down.



This recipe is from Jamie Oliver


This sweatshirt is on my Christmas list. I love ethical fashion, and since I was born in the late 70’s this 1980’s type Selfish Mother sweatshirt speaks to the inner Fame/Flashdance/Saturday Night Fever in me.

Proceeds to go women affected by war.

Lizzie xo


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