Feast & Ferret

Hey friends,

TFI Friday!

How did you get on making ‘The Treviso‘ last week?


If you’re still feeling the effects & fancy something abit lighter I’m going for a really lovely starter for this week’s ‘Feast’.

Have you ever heard of a wedge salad? I never had until an episode on Modern Family Season 2 Episode 16 (which even thinking about cracks me up).

So thanks to Chip Woosnam, Phil & Claire, here’s a wedge salad for you.

//F E A S T//

Wedge Salad

I trawled through a lot of wedge salad recipes on blogs before I found one I liked.  Mostly I found American recipe’s on Pinterest that called for Buttermilk (which is what now?)  So I finally searched for ‘wedge salad UK’ & up popped Helen Grave’s blog! phew finally a recipe I could understand.


Helen Grave's Wedge Salad


Doesn’t it look yum!!! I think this is the kind of salad even my husband would love!

//F E R R E T//

THIS vest top in ALL the colours.  Cotton, cool, layer if you like.  I like wider shoulders on my vests, spaghetti straps just don’t work for me.

M&S Vest

M&S Cool Comfort™ Pure Cotton Vest Top £6

I bought it in lilac, yellow, Breton stripe, peach & black!

Cheers to the weekend! Clink that ‘Treviso’!

Lizzie XO


Notes: Feast & Ferret & content is copyright of Lizzie Somerset’s blog lizziesomerset.com

Thanks to Helen Graves for her kind permission to feature her Wedge Salad recipe & photograph which is Copyright of 2015 Food Stories.

5 thoughts on “Feast & Ferret”

  1. Karen thank you! I wore all of those vests on holiday! So cooling in the hot sun. I’ve relegated the black one to a gym top because loads of fluff sticks to it! What is it with black?! Hope your Canada trip is going amazingly! Lots of love XO

  2. That drink looks like it would be perfect this weekend…and I’m not a big fan of spaghetti straps either 🙂 #PoCoLo

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