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Weeeellll friends, I must admit I’m still on a high from finally getting the guts to book BritMum’s Live, my first ever blogging conference!

Because I left it so late to get my ticket there are only 2 weeks to get my wardrobe sorted, organise business cards & get myself ready to go.  I doubt the excitement/anxiety levels will go down with it being so close. I also have my God-daughter’s Christening the week before so this month is really hotting up to be the best of the year so far.

Staying in the moment, it’s Friday & it’s Feast & Ferret time:


I think a lot about my kids & what they eat.  It’s my job to make sure they get nutritious & energy giving food & their 5-a-day fruit & veggies. We’re not very adventurous as a family, we generally like what I call the usual suspects For veggies, peppers, peas, sweetcorn & broccoli are our go to’s.

For fruit:  I love bananas & apples.  Hubby loves apples.  Master H loves watermelon & bananas.  Little Miss loves bananas, strawberries, watermelon, raspberries & blueberries & is the biggest lover of fruit in our family.

I really want the kids to eat a wide variety of fruits & vegetables & more to the point I want them to have their 5-a-day.  It’s not always easy when as adults we’re not really into fruits like apricots, oranges, plums etc.  It would be good if we as parents could eat more variety.  Master H has had tropical fruits in a smoothie so possibly that’s a good way forwards.

I looked through New Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner by Annabel Karmel for inspiration for some easy ways to get fruit into the kids in a more fun way.  I found some easy & delicious Watermelon & Raspberry Lollies. My boy absolutely loved them & thinks them a real treat.

The lollies can be easily adapted, I’ve made Watermelon & Raspberry a few times but this time we also had strawberries & blueberries which were past their best in the fridge.  Rather than throw them in the food waste bin; I’ve been reading up of food waste recently, how much we throw away & what we can do about it. (this article on the Jamie Oliver website gives great tips!)  So I decided to chuck all of the fruit that was past it’s best into the recipe & make ‘Watermelon, Strawberry, Raspberry & Blueberry Lollies’.

To make approx 6/7 lollies:


1/4 watermelon

40g raspberries

40g strawberries

20g blueberries

40-50g icing sugar

Lolly moulds (I like these one’s!)

Cut the flesh from the watermelon & remove the seeds.  Blend the fruits together (I used a hand blender).  Strain through a sieve (get your child to help with this!) Stir in the icing sugar to taste.  Pour into lolly moulds & freeze.

strawberries 2

Master H loves helping me sieve the blended fruit & watching it trickling through.  They are super easy & delicious fruit lollies, perfect for the coming Summer days.


With any event comes the need to examine one’s wardrobe! (or run around screaming ‘what am I going to weeeeaaar!’)

I’m already organised for the christening but not so much for Britmums Live.

I have a whole post coming up on what I’m going to wear to Britmums Live but I wanted to give you a cheeky preview of the statement necklace I might be wearing on the Friday evening BIB Awards ceremony. I like shopping in Primark for my statement pieces because they are so affordable & I’m now happy that they’re getting their ethics in order.


This hinged panel piece is £4 from Primark.

This type of necklace will be key in taking me from daytime delegate to evening awards ceremony (with drinks!).

I hope you’re enjoying my Feast & Ferret posts, I so enjoy writing them.

Whatever you’re doing, have a great weekend!

Lizzie XO


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