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Hey friends,

Don’t you love my new series title Feast & Ferret? New inspiration, new ideas & a new way of thinking.  It refreshes the mind & motivates the little grey cells

Feast & Ferret is my simple new series that will run every Friday, to inspire us to enjoy the weekends to the full.

FEAST – Anything food & drink related that tickle’s my pickle & might tickle yours too!

FERRET – A ferret in the shops, may include a little gem I found in a vintage or charity shop to inspire you! Don’t you love a good ferret? I do!

So let’s get to this week’s Feast & Ferret!!!

// F E A S T //

With Summer just around the corner (rain, rain go away) this cocktail would be perfect for a BBQ cookout on the deck with friends.  But maybe just one, because it is abit lethal!

Close-Up-The-TrevisoI’ve called it ‘The Treviso’ in honour of my friends Dawn & Paul who live there & due to the Prosecco I’ve incorporated being from Treviso!
Outside-The-TrevisoRaspberries-MintLemoncello-Treviso-Prosecco 1

‘The Treviso’ // Serves 4

3 cups Treviso Prosecco

1 cup Italian Lemoncello

1/2 cup of Gin

2 cups Soda Water

1/2 teaspoon of Caster Sugar (+ some for the  rim of the glass!)

Frozen berries/Mint or Lemon & Mint, to garnish

Lots of Ice!!

Takes 2 minutes!

+ 30 minutes to chill before serving.

Method: Mix the Treviso Prosecco, Lemoncello, gin, soda water & sugar in a jug.  Pop in the fridge for half an hour before serving.

Serve in tall glasses, rim the edges with sugar, top with lots of ice, berries (or lemon if you prefer) & frozen mint to garnish.  Half the gin measure if it’s too strong or add more soda water.

It tastes like Lemon Turkish Delight!

Adapted from a recipe on Damn Delicious with kind permission from Chungah An.

// F E R R E T //

These sandals, in the brightest colours EVER! Perfect for Summer.  Perfect for Holiday/Vacation.  Currently 50% off in Republic. Summer-SandalsOutside-Lyra-SandalsThey’re half price online too! FIRETRAP LYRA SANDALS

I’ll be taking these with me to Menorca & hopefully some sun!

Cheers to the weekend & family holidays!!

Lizzie xo



Series Title credit Shelley Tait. + Lynne Adamson + Corrie Baker + Clare Dowding whose ideas all went into the melting pot. Forever grateful xo

Feast & Ferret & it’s content is copyright of Lizzie Somerset’s Blog 2015

Thanks to Chungah An for her recipe which inspired this week’s ‘Feast’


7 thoughts on “Feast & Ferret”

  1. Amaze-balls 🙂 I know what tipple I will be making tomorrow night!

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  3. That cocktail looks amazing and I love those sandals – so pretty. What a fab idea for a series. Popping over from #PoCoLo 🙂

  4. Hi Louise it’s so nice to meet you. I can confirm that the cocktail is both delicious & lethal in equal proportions, definitely one for a bank holiday weekend! Thanks for stopping by Lizzie xo

  5. Lizzie Somerset – I want your address as I NEED to come around and try your Treviso cocktail …purely for research purposes of course.
    You genius you. That sounds a-maz-ing. Mind you after a few I might keel over so prepare the guest room too whilst you’re at it.

  6. Hehe thanks Marianne, it’ll certainly knock your socks off so the spare bed is here whenever you need it. If you’re at BritMums Live I look forward to seeing you there! XO

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