Five on Friday – 5th December 2014

Hey friends,

My brother Tom has a saying on Fridays, ‘welcome to your weekend’! Cheesy but I love it!! So welcome to yours and welcome to Five on Friday…..


Harry & E Running free Harry & E

We loved catching up with our sweet friends the other week. Me & Ali are antenatal friends. We met at a breastfeeding workshop where the midwife never showed up!! The 4 of us expectant Mama’s just sat there! So we started chatting & from that we swapped numbers & started meeting up once we’d had our babies! Our kids get on great.

We met up at the newest addition to our famous Yeovil Country Park, a ranger station with a coffee shop!

The view is lovely & it’s really opened up the country park to a lot of people.

view from ninesprings coffee shop

We had a hot coffee & then set about spotting squirrels & trying to catch leaves! (one of the National Trust’s 50 Things to do before you’re 11 and 3/4!)

T W O – Countryliving

I LOVE living right next to the countryside.  I have to remind myself of that all the time though!  It’s so easy to become complacent with what we have on our doorstep!


At times I’ve been less than content thinking that life would be better in a prettier town.  I think that’s because a lot of people are negative about it & I’ve grown up with that negativity around me & no, it’s not perfect.  But I’m so fortunate to live right on the outskirts of town & therefore we’re literally a hop & a skip from walks along bridle paths & open fields!

bridle path beaSomerset is a sought after county (according to Escape to the Country!) & I believe God wants me to appreciate what I have & where he’s placed me.  I’m all about country living & happiest when I have a countryside view.

 T H R E E – Family Time vs Hospitality

One thing our little family has down is family time.  It’s so important in the hectic to have time together.  Sunday afternoons are precious time, we’re really busy people with individual goals, Church, gym, work & two hectic kids! So we tend to close in & just be together.

We use the time to chill together at home or to go for a walk or a drive through the countryside.

We do want to invite more people into our home though & share our family time with others.  I have such mixed feelings about what hospitality means that I’ve gotten myself a bit stuck (or tied up in knots) with it, will you pray for me? Does anyone else get stuck at the inviting stage?? Just me?

I’ve read a blog series by the Blue Eyed Bride about 31 Days of Breaking Bread & a couple of posts really struck a chord with me.  This one {31 Days of Breaking Bread: what about my kids?} talks about getting to know people at the same life stage as you (with children etc) to invite people in & get to know them to see you with in your kids’ meltdown moment & not eating their dinner.  Imperfect hospitality is where it’s at!

The other post is a biblical slant on hospitality {31 Days of Breaking Bread: Hospitality vs. Entertaining}, this is SO hard for me as inviting in people I love/like is hard, let alone people I don’t know!  I have abit of a brick wall up about inviting people in which I’ve been praying through with my mentor Julie; so I’d love your prayers to see that wall come down because I really dream of a house full!

F O U R – The kids milestone’s

Well friends my sweet kids keep growing like weeds.  Little Miss has suddenly popped through about 4 teeth in one go (or maybe I didn’t notice with her being 2nd!).  She’s started to repeat the things we say like ‘oh dear’, & ‘no!’ & has started saying her brother’s name & ‘pawpaw’ (apple).  I clearly have to watch what I’m saying from now on!

She has a real sass about her which I love.  Mum just raises an eyebrow & says ‘I wonder where she gets that from’ (owning it!).

helter snot

Master H is just growing & growing. Every time I turn round he seems to have shot up some more.

I have a meeting with his key worker at preschool next week so I can ask how I can best go about supporting his learning at home. I think it’s so important to reiterate what they’re learning at home to show them continuity & that we care as his parents what he does at preschool.

He’s so mature too, the other day he told me to slow down my driving because I was going too fast! He said ‘you must go slower mummy’! oops told off by a 4 year old!

F I V E – Facebook

It’s no secret to those close to me that I have a love/hate relationship with Facebook.  I need a break from it of about a month at least once a year! But that said I love it more than I hate it!!

Keeping up with the steady stream of other people’s lives can be detrimental though & sometimes it leaves me wanting things I don’t need or becoming discontent with what I’ve been blessed with.

That aside, I love the positive side of social media (obsessed with Instagram much!!) & now I’m working on the Church’s social media team which is a super positive thing! Keeping up with friends abroad, seeing people’s successes, the photo’s of their beautiful families & the things they do together. That’s the part of social media I love.

The opportunity to support friends/people in their small businesses is also something I feel called to do, as is taking the opportunity when it arises to offer an encouraging word or send a private message when I feel someone might need it.

I’d love it if you would ‘like’ my page on Facebook! Here’s my profile I’d love to connect with you all on a more personal level!  Hope to see you over there.

You can also find me on Instagram // Pinterest // Twitter

Have a great weekend friends, whatever you’re doing!

Check out my hostesses April, Christina, Darci & Natasha.

Lizzie XO

4 thoughts on “Five on Friday – 5th December 2014”

  1. Love your 5 on Friday. I think it’s great that you live so close to the countryside. We are moving this Spring to another state. Hoping to find a house to rent near the edge of town. Great post!

  2. We are so blessed it’s important not to be complacent, so many live in an urban jungle & we have beautiful countryside on our doorstep! So excited to connect with you on Facebook too! Thanks as always for your continued support, it means so much xx

  3. I too have a love hate relationship with Facebook. But I love Instagram! Always such positive pictures and posts.

    I am hosting a Jameson Monroe giveaway on Our Little Miracles. You should stop by and check it out.

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