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Determined to implement ways to make all areas of life easier over on this hot mess express. Including; parenting, fitness, food, relationships, spiritual, career, social, financial and so on. I’m batching and automating blogging work to allow more flow in my writing and its working so far. Using editorial calendar on my dashboard for my blog and using a new planner helps hugely keep my life flowing as it should when distractions come calling.

My mum came to help me de-clutter under the stairs which was FULL of random stuff, it’s now my pantry!

As January flies by, I’ve been putting things in place to ensure I can achieve flow and can keep it going. If you read our life update blog post life lately and trying to stay positive you’ll know this is proving difficult while we’re waiting for Harry’s assessment in April.


As someone who loves to organise my whole life, but with a SUPER busy lifestyle, it can be hard to know which planner to buy. I’ve tried FiloFax in the past but end up ditching it part way through the year, forgetting whole weeks or to take it with me. If you always remember yours, how do you do it? I need to take it everywhere with me and it’s a habit that needs to stick so tips and tricks accepted.

My life coach Michelle Reeves recommended the planner she uses called This is my Era. It came this week from Amazon, I chose the luscious red and gold version and I’m obsessed with it. It works in quarters, so yes, you do have to buy 1 per quarter!!!! But that aside, it works how my brain works and if used properly will keep me accountable on my goals and tasks, every day, week and month! So for me that’s an investment worth making.

Some great tips about how to juggle the ‘invisible workload’ over on Christina’s blog right now. Invisible workload are the crucial, detail oriented jobs that parents do that aren’t noticed but if they didn’t get done you’d soon know about it.


In winter month I’m all about embracing the cosy of #letsstayhome and love all things home renovation and home decorating in the evenings.

Favs at the moment are George Clarke’s Old House New Home and Love it or List it with the weirdest hashtag ever #LIOLI. Surely #loveitorlistit is ok? Send the # police! But the programme is amazing and I always guess wrong as to whether the homeowner will love or list at the end!

Also on my recordings are My Dream Home with Jonathan and Drew Scott which charters a family journey with renovating an older property to modern beauty. Obviously I love it because we renovated our 1930’s home. Plus I just found out Jonathan Scott is dating Zooey Deschanel, this just got interesting.


Excited about Katie’s birthday this year and have started organising for our little March babe. We’ve organised a sleepover party with Frome based company Little Nights In. Katie has been granted permission to invite 3 little ladies to stay over in our play room. Her first sleepover too so wish us luck! We’d better get on with it as it needs decorating and carpet laid before hand.

I love proper party invitations which I usually order online, but since we’re only inviting 3 little girls we’re making our own this year. Most personalised printed cards have a minimum print of 10. Not the craftiest of mums so we’ll see how the invites turn out.


Talking about batching I’ve been cooking up soup in batches and it’s paid off amazingly in Jan. So often we’ve come home cold and in need of something quick and easy. We just grab our pre-cooked soup full of veggies and add some sourdough and feel like we’re winning.

Here’s one I made earlier! For all soups I use Jamie Oliver’s base recipe from his brilliant cookbook Ministry of Food and just roast whichever veggies I have and like the taste of. Our favs are Roast Parsnip and Apple and Butternut Squash with Garlic.

This post contains affiliate links to products I recommend to friends and family. I’d never include to link to something I haven’t used and love myself. If you click on this link and make a purchase, I receive some pennies at no cost to you.

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