Five on Friday – 17th October 2014


Hey friends,

Cheers to the weekend!

I’ve been a bit absent with the old blog again, soz about that! This year has been so horrendous sleep wise, other things have just had to take priority; like getting up & getting dressed etc!  Ya know, functioning.

I love my kids but man, if only they would sleep.  4 years ago I had my first babe & 19 months ago our second joined us.  I have a hazy memory of sleep sometime in the middle of that, but in a season of becoming dry at night x nightmares x fudging off Mum & Dad (SH) & teething x colds x whatever else she thinks of (SB), consistent sleep has alluded us so far in 2014.

I had a thought (dangerous) about the things I’ve brought since before I even had the kids, pregnancy turned me into a crazy woman, I prowled the aisles of Mothercare immediately I saw the line on the test (& possibly a bit before) & have every ‘must have’ under the sun.

I reckon we have spent a fortune on stuff for them; buggies, blankets, playmats, garden toys, indoor toys, highchairs (one for our house + one for Mum & Dad’s?!?), muslins, bottles, teats, formula, dummies, swingy chairs, chairs that don’t swing, bath seats, electric sterilisers (+ a microwave one yanno, just in case) plus the essentials nappies, clothes, shoes etc etc etc.  This does not even begin to cover the list of things we have actually bought over the last 4 years, NO. WHERE. NEAR.

Now that I’ve had two babies I look back & have regretted some of the things I bought or thought I needed.  True story, most Mum’s in the dark ages managed with a boob, a dummy made of glass & a drawer.  Most of it isn’t ‘must have’ at all, but I still found myself eyeing up the cute Bugaboo in Costa earlier (seriously I have 4 buggies!)

I thought it would be good to share the things I haven’t regretted buying, the items that have been truly useful & helpful.

O N E – Fisher Price Nature’s Touch Cradle (Swinging Chair)

Second hand & well loved this swing chair came from a friend & immediately changed our lives with our newborn. Up to that point we had a very whingey & hard to get to nap baby boy.  This swing not only put him to sleep in minutes, it also saved my sanity.

T W O – Aden & Anais Muslins

The other brand mussies I tried just weren’t as good, they are soft & wash well & don’t come out of the wash all wrinkled up like the others.

The large one’s are also good as a swaddle & a sunshade over the pram.  If it’s good enough for Prince George…..

T H R E E – Dummies

No particular brand!

My parents hated the idea of using dummies, we never had them as kids but I swear by them.  SH never took to them but SB loves hers.

Good for babies to soothe themselves to sleep & even keep them mildly quiet during the sermon at Church, shame you have to take them away really, but the dummy fairy needs them.. grrrr.

F O U R – IKEA Highchair


I think SH is comfy in his IKEA highchair

I have tried a lot of highchairs in my time, in coffee shops & restaurants & I am always pleased to see an IKEA highchair.

They’re simple, they’re cheap (£13!!!), my children can actually sit up straight in them, the buckle is easy to adjust & they’re easy to clean.  I started off with another brand & switched to IKEA & have been happy ever since.

F I V E – Maclaren XT + Buggy Snuggle

I know technically that’s two things, but this is my blog & in my eyes it’s a winning combo.

The Maclaren XT is as close as I could get to buggy perfection, there is no perfect buggy out there, contrary to what the brands tell you.  This one just worked for me.

It’s pretty telling that for SH I had a whole travel system & for SB I went straight to the Maclaren.  Suitable from birth it doesn’t wow you like a full on travel system does, it’s certainly not keeping up with the Jones’s, but years of engineering goodness has gone into this buggy.  Personally as a short arse I could do with the handles a little lower but you can’t have everything.

Paired with a cow patterned Buggy Snuggle & Sweet Bea is snug as a bug.  We also took this on hols with us when SB was 11 weeks old, so easy on the plane.  Also easy to bung in the wash.

So that’s my five! If I could have six I’d add in calpol, what would we do without the pink stuff?!  What things did/do you find useful for the sweet kids? What do you regret buying?

Until the next time friends, don’t get sucked into the ‘must have’s.  Your babies need love, nurturing, attention, food, drink & clothes, & not much else really.

Sorry about the lack of photo’s.  I’ll add them in another day & reblog!  Cheers to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha for having me along.

Have a great week you lot!

Lizzie XO

2 thoughts on “Five on Friday – 17th October 2014”

  1. You are so right Lizzie….we buy far too much for them but what really counts is love ..which is normally spelt TIME!

  2. You’re so right! Giving them time & our full attention really shows them how much we love them. Whenever I take the time to get down to their level & look them in the eyes it reaps dividends. Thanks for the lovely roast lunch yesterday! It was yum, come to us again soon XO

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