Five on Friday 18th October 2013


I’m linking up once again with April & friends!

I hope it’s been a good week for you all!?

Here’s my five…

1. My Wedding Anniversary – October Love

I got married to my soul mate & best friend 5 years ago today.  Jon always spoils me on this special day, my gift from him today is a Tiffany & Co keyring with my initials on the back, so sweet.  Anything in the iconic little blue box with white ribbon always goes down well!

Very happy girl here!!

I got him a bespoke typography heart design from Abridged Designs, it has all of our special places & really it’s our journey so far.  Hubby was very happy with the thought that went into this gift & it looks amazing!!!

2.  Sweet Words

Master H’s words & sentences have come on leaps & bounds since he started pre-school at the start of September.  He comes out with new words & makes himself known very clearly now & I couldn’t be more proud.

I know I want to hold the moment too long sometimes, but when things do move on I’m always so happy at his achievements.

See my post ‘a rose by any other name’ about trying to hold on a bit longer, here

3.  Nautical Themed Big Boys Room

We’re so happy how SH’s room turned out.

I got the idea for this concept from a mug & a cushion I bought on a trip for our last anniversary to Salcombe, Devon. From a a little shop we came across called The Salcombe Trading Company.

It doesn’t look as if they still do the mug or cushion by Lexington, but you get the idea. I love the New England style so that’s what I was going for with his Room.  You can view the whole Lexington range here.

The ‘Star’ wallpaper I found at Brian Yates Regatta Crew line. See google images here, from all good stockists.

4. Free Media Icons

The more I get into blogging & reading other blogs I am so encouraged by how helpful the community is.  I am tweeting with some lovely (very experienced) bloggers who have really aided this very green & new blogger!

Many thanks to the Mammasaurus blog site for the helpful icons & to Julie’s Notebook & Lisa at Food and Motherhood for the advice & my best friend Roberta you have all helped immeasurably.

You can see my swanky new icons in action here!

5. Barrington Court

My Mum works for the National Trust & today she’s working at Barrington Court.

We’ve got plans to go & meet her this afternoon, so that Master H can have a ride in a wheelbarrow & pick the windfall apples!  We’re very excited about getting out in the fresh air while it’s still cool but not too cold!

It’s another beautiful Autumn day here!!

I’ll update this post later with a photo.

Thanks once again to April, Christina, Darci & Natasha for hosting the link up party!

Until the next time friends.  Enjoy your day, wherever you are!

Lizzie xx

Nb This post is not sponsored & all thoughts & opinions on this post are entirely my own. L xx

7 thoughts on “Five on Friday 18th October 2013”

  1. We had a great time today, Harry went round the orchard with a little wheelbarrow & picked up all the little apples. Then took them back to the collection point. They’ll make cider out of them so I’m quite excited to go back & get some since we contributed! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Lizzie xx

  2. Really enjoying your blog and loved this post. A linky I must get involved in. Lucky you – Tiffany’s! And a great gift you gave to your hubby. Stealing your idea for mine at Xmas !
    Nice to meet you!

  3. Hi! Thanks so much for your sweet words. You will not regret the bespoke typography, such a great gift. I know I am fortunate to receive Tiffany, I must admit I love it!

    The link is a lovely one, I love the girls because they love Jesus, fashion, fun, design & positive just as much as I do!

    Nice to meet you too!
    Lizzie xx

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