Five on Friday – 19th September 2014

FridayFavorites3_zpsea6fc451hi guyyys! How was your week?

Did I tell ya I have a new link up? I’m really excited about this one.  Firstly say hello to my Hostesses….

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Here’s my Five on Friday!

O N E – A lady who has become a truly good friend in a relatively short space of time has moved areas (boo)  & I miss her loads, Master H also misses Miss LC!  In this case it’s good to acknowledge that we miss them because they have become good friends & focus on the fact the move is so great for them.  Plus we have a new place to visit!!

T W O –  Our decking has been finished in our back garden.  I have flaffed about for ages deciding what to do our our space & now we finally have it we have used it non-stop ever since.  I’m determined to have friends & family over more & we have started off well with a family birthday gathering for my hubby!

To support our more sociable selves, I went on Pinterest & pinned these signs, we’d love these on our fence.  It would show our guests the kind of warm welcome we hope to pass around a little.





A kind soul also gave us their firepit! So excited to get some marshmallows toasted come those cold Autumn evenings!

T H R E E – Reading More Blogs

I’ve been reading more blogs than writing them recently & I enjoy the chance to really look at the blogs I want to follow to inspire me.

Some blogs I find a little too ‘show reel’ & not enough ‘real’ for me.  Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want to read a list of woes either but I would like to know when I connect with a writer that what I’m reading is their best bits & inspiring but also they’re going to be letting us in a little of the not so great too & how they deal with that.

How can we encourage each other if we’re always down or always up! It’s just not real.  Real is where it’s at, actually real + balance is where it’s at.

F O U R –  Master H’s 4th Birthday


Such a dude.  I can’t quite believe my boy is going to be 4 next week! He  is the baby who made me a mama, a truth I’ll always be grateful for.

We’re having a small party at a soft play area over the weekend as his Daddy is away on the Screwball Rally for charity through Europe next week.

Master H has grown into a really smart, chatty, confident, & may I say, absolutely gorgeous boy & we couldn’t be prouder to call him our Son.  He’s my favourite boy in the whole wide world that’s for sure.

My favourite time with him is at bedtime.  We go through a routine of reading stories, praying together & building him up & telling him that no matter what’s happened in a day that he is awesome, he’s loved, he’s handsome, he’s clever & funny & so on. His face just lights up.

True story – Ages ago while trying to teach him his full name & age I said, ‘what’s your name’ & he said his name, & then I asked ‘& you are…?’ & instead of saying his age he answered…’AWESOME’!!

We fell about laughing for ages but it’s totally stuck.  We say it every night now.  It’s amazing what it does to him! I can’t think of a better way to round out each day.

F I V E – Our Family Photoshoot

I’ll be doing a separate post on our photoshoot but I just had to share our favourite photo with you all.  The photographer completely captured our little family to a tee.


You’ll have to come back around next week to see if we got a photo with Master H in it.

Whatever you’re doing this weekend friends I hope it’s a blessed & fulfilled one.

Until the next time have a great day!

Lizzie XO





7 thoughts on “Five on Friday – 19th September 2014”

  1. Michelle Twin Mum

    Hey Lizzie, great to catch up with yoru blog, it has a really lovely feel to it. Mich x

  2. Hi Mich, thank you so much for stopping by & reading my blog. I don’t have loads of time to do it as much as I would like, with two littles running rings around me 🙂
    Hope to meet you along the way sometime. Blessings Lizzie XO

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